Press Releases

New Daily Euro 6, Business Instinct: the best partner for growing your transport business with its revolutionary “DAILY BUSINESS UP”

The New Daily Euro 6 builds on the strengths of the Daily family and introduces DAILY BUSINESS UP, the exclusive connectivity feature designed by Iveco that makes it the perfect partner to develop transport businesses.

The new generation Daily Hi-Matic Euro 6 family offers a uniquely wide range of engine ratings up to 210 hp and 470 Nm, and with the new intelligent EcoSwitch PRO system it further raises the bar on fuel efficiency.

New Daily Euro 6 Highlights:

- Up to 8% fuel savings
- Up to 12% maintenance and repairs costs savings
- A comfortable and silent cabin with 4 dB noise reduction and a new world of connectivity with DAILY BUSINESS UP to make the most of the driver’s time
- Extended Daily Hi-Matic Euro 6 family with 5 engine ratings
- Uniquely wide range of 4-cyl engines from 120 to 210 hp
- Choice of Euro 6 engine technologies to match customer missions

After the new Daily launched in 2014 has taken the markets by storm and collected awards across the world, today Iveco raises the bar even further with the New Daily Euro 6 and its revolutionary DAILY BUSINESS UP application. Leveraging on its strength, versatility, performance and durability heritage, the new Daily Euro 6 introduces new features that use technology to push the boundaries of performance, raise comfort to a new level, deliver more connectivity and lower its Total Cost of Ownership, reflecting its Business Instinct and making it the perfect business partner.

New Daily Euro 6 soars in high altitude launch

Iveco chose the amazing station of the SkyWay Mont Blanc on top of the Helbronner peak as the venue for the press launch of the New Daily Euro 6, making this the highest altitude Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) launch ever.

Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President, explained: “We chose this amazing venue because it is all about the values we at Iveco are building our future on. It is our belief that a business to succeed must embrace the challenge of Sustainability, and the SkyWay is living proof that it can be done, that it is possible to develop zero impact solutions in the most extreme locations. This is the greenest cable cab in the world: it uses the most advanced technologies and designs to achieve an environmental performance very close to a Zero Energy Building. Just like the Daily uses technology to maximise fuel efficiency and cut down on consumption and emissions, minimising its environmental impact. So, it is here on the Roof of Europe, 3,500 meters above sea level, that we present the best LCV ever, the new Daily Euro 6.