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IVECO welcomes toll exemption for natural gas vehicles in Germany
​​​​​​​which will accelerate the transition to green logistics across Europe

The German Parliament passed a resolution to exempt Compressed and Liquefied Natural Gas (CNG and LNG) vehicles from motorway tolls from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020. 

The toll exemption will have a positive impact beyond German borders due to the country’s central position in the main European long-haul routes. 

IVECO welcomes the motorway toll exemption for the boost it will provide to the transport industry’s transition to natural gas alternative traction vehicles, adding financial advantages to their environmental benefits. 

IVECO is taking part in the inauguration of a new LNG station in Bolzano, on the Brennero route linking Italy, Austria and Germany, and delivering to FERCAM, a leading logistics company operating in Italy and Germany, the first LNG truck in their fleet. 

The German Federal Parliament approved the resolution to exempt natural gas alternative traction vehicles above 7.5 tonnes from motorway tolls (MAUT) from 1 January 2019 for an initial period of 2 years. From 2021 onwards the exemption will still be for the pollution component and no longer for the infrastructure and noise component.​

Pierre Lahutte, IVECO Brand President, commented: “Less than one month after IVECO made history at the Hannover IAA 2018 show with its zero-diesel stand demonstrating its ability to offer a full Electric, CNG and LNG alternative powertrain range, the German Parliament approved the motorway toll exemption for CNG and LNG trucks. This complements the subsidies already announced in July to support the purchase of these vehicles. Germany is at the crossroads of European logistics, so these decisive moves by the country's authorities will dramatically accelerate the penetration of alternative natural gas powertrains across the continent. The impact will be massive. And today we are in Bolzano for the inauguration of a new LNG station on the Brennero.​”

IVECO welcomes this resolution, which confirms its long-held vision for sustainable transport that sees natural gas as the mature technology. As a result of more than 20 years’ experience in developing and supporting natural gas vehicles, IVECO today leads the way with a complete offering of CNG and LNG vehicles ranging from the Daily NP light commercial vehicle all the way to the first true long-haul truck, the Stralis NP that delivers all the best performance and comfort benefits together with the environmental and economic advantages of natural gas, with autonomy up to 1,600 km: the perfect solution to take full advantage of the new subsidies and exemption.

LNG and CNG trucks capable of meeting the specific requirements of virtually all sectors – from freight forwarders driving low tractor units with the Stralis NP low tractor to logistics companies operating on all distances: from the 206 hp Eurocargo NP for urban and intercity missions, to a choice of 330hp, 400hp and 460hp Stralis NP for long-haul transport.

These vehicles deliver the full environmental benefits of natural gas, the cleanest fossil fuel: they generate 90% less NO2; 99% less PM; and, with biomethane, 95% less CO2 than their diesel equivalent. In addition, natural gas opens the possibility for a seamless transition to a circular economy approach based on the generation of energy from organic or agricultural waste, which is capable of achieving even negative GHG emissions and carbon sequestration, as it relies on the natural carbon/organic cycle. In fact, biomethane from liquid manure could bring up to 182% CO2 savings towards conventional fuel.

Natural gas vehicles also have the advantage of extremely quiet operation. IVECO’s Natural Power technology, based on the Otto process, achieves noise levels below the diesel equivalent, giving logistics operators a competitive advantage for urban and night-time deliveries.