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The New Daily, fit for a Superhero - European tour
Some New Dailys will be leaving Suzzara, Italy on Wednesday 7 December 2011, on Iveco’s 7-stage European tour which aims to seek out the real stars of work, tradesmen, manual workers, retailers, tackling their daily tasks.

From the factory in Suzzara, in the province of Mantua, where the Daily is produced, the first stop of the tour – and the only one in Italy – is at the Bologna Motor Show; thereafter the tour stops in Munich, Hamburg, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Stockholm. This is the great challenge of both Iveco and Fosco Giulianelli, blogger and photographer, who will be travelling on one of the two Daily’s across Europe, photographing and interviewing the “men at work” in the field.

The journey, running into January and February 2012, will take in food markets, garden nurseries, construction sites and workshops, where Giulianelli will be talking to people working in commerce, distribution and transport, to take a picture of them with the New Daily, during their everyday activities.

The theme for the tour is “This is a job for…”, following the superhero theme. With New Daily, professionals can count on a staunch ally to handle even the toughest everyday jobs.

The tour will also be documented in videos and photos on the Iveco website and the main social networks (Flickr, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter). The Facebook site will also feature a special competition where visitors can vote for their favourite image from the tour and choose their perfect Superhero.