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The Iveco Powerstar is Truck of the Year 2010 in Australia
Powerstar, the heavy duty commercial vehicle produced by Iveco in Australia, which matches the aggressive image of the American bonneted truck with European comfort and technology, has been given the “Technology and Innovation award”, the equivalent of the “Truck of the Year” in Europe, by Power Torque, the most important of the specialised industry magazines in Australia.
At the ceremony that recently took place in Melbourne, the editorial staff of Power Torque renewed the annual appointment with awards dedicated to Australian commercial vehicles in the heavy and light ranges. On this occasion, the new ISX Powerstar version was awarded in recognition of the most prestigious category, that of Innovation and Technology.
The award was based on a test conducted by the magazine on a prototype Powerstar ISX on a return trip from Melbourne to Sydney. Comfort and manoeuvrability coupled to the ample engine power are the fundamental characteristics that sealed its success.
The vehicle is the result of a complex assembly operation involving components arriving from the four points of the compass. The engine is the Cummins 15 litre in line 6 arriving from the USA, available at 485, 525 or 550 cv, in combination with a German ZF AS-Tronic 16 speed automated transmission. The locally assembled chassis is of American derivation and the driver’s cab is based on the European Stralis Active Time with its high level of comfort and accessibility, assembled in Australia.
The Powerstar ISX was designed and produced by the Iveco factory in Dandenong, e few kilometres outside Melbourne. It is the latest version of Powerstar and is the perfect synthesis of power, comfort, efficiency and reliability in Australia today, on which Iveco aspires to increase its share in the Australian heavy duty commercial vehicle sector.
The new Powerstar ISX represents for Iveco the perfect weapon with which to address the fierce competition in the world of the Australian ‘Road Train’, the category in which a single truck may draw up to four trailers arriving at a total mass of up to 90 tonnes and an overall length of up to 26 metres, all within local transport regulations. These ‘Road Trains’ are capable of covering enormous distances, such as the 3,770 km across the desert from Melbourne to Darwin or over 4000 km from Sydney to Perth, making full use of the 2000 litre on board fuel tanks.
Iveco designs, manufactures, and markets a broad range of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, off-road trucks, city and intercity buses and coaches as well as special vehicles for applications such as fire fighting, off-road missions, defence and civil protection.
Iveco employs almost 25,000 people and runs 24 production units in 11 Countries in the world using excellent technologies developed in 6 research centres. Besides Europe, the company operates in China, Russia, Australia and Latin America. With around 5,000 sales and service outlets in over 160 Countries guarantee technical support wherever in the world an Iveco vehicle is at work.
Torino, 15th June 2010

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