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The Campagnola helps celebrate the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War
The Campagnola, Iveco’s new off-roader and the rightful heir to the legendary Fiat Campagnola, will be among the protagonists of Turin’s celebrations for the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War. These will coincide with the Festival of National Unity and Armed Forces Day and will run tomorrow and on Sunday 9th November.

The glorious Fiat Campagnola remained in service with every arm of the Italian armed forces from 1951, the year of its launch, until 1987, when production of the second series ended.

Now, over twenty years later, the Campagnola is back, this time bearing the Iveco name and eager to play a role in festivities in Turin.

The new Campagnola is a tough, pure off-roader just like its predecessor and inherits the great Italian off-road tradition along with its stable-mate the Massif, from which it is derived.

The lightweight 4WD Massif is dedicated to professional transport and was itself presented last March at the Samoter exhibition in Verona.

Campagnola’s first duty will take place tomorrow in the Campus Riberi, for the traditional initiative of the “Caserme Aperte”, available to young people and families for guided tours. On 9th November both vehicles will be among the attractions at the exhibition of transport and equipment of the Italian armed forces in Turin’s Piazza San Carlo and Piazza Castello.

The city’s two central squares will host an exhibition of vehicles (including many Ivecos) currently in service with the army, the Carabinieri, the navy and the air force.

As part of the celebrations, the glorious Itala car will also leave its place in the Automobile Museum to take up a position in the foyer of the Regio Theatre, remaining there for the duration of the event as part of an exhibition of uniforms, photos and materials from the period 1915 – 1918.

Last year the Itala re-enacted the legendary Paris-Beijing race, following the route it took one hundred years ago, this time escorted by a fleet of Iveco vehicles including two Massifs, a Daily 4x4, a Eurocargo 4x4 and a Trakker.