Press Releases

Today sees the start of the “TechPro2 Iveco” project
Today at the Salesian Institute in Fossano, in the province of Cuneo, the first technological laboratory for industrial vehicles was inaugurated. The project springs from the collaboration between Iveco and CNOS-FAP (National Centre for Salesian Works - Professional and Vocational Training). The event saw the participation of the CEO of Iveco, Alfredo Altavilla, and Councillor for Employment and Vocational Training of the Piedmont Region, Claudia Porchietto.

Born from the positive experience of the project running in past years with Fiat Group Automobiles, this initiative lays the foundations for the specialisation and training of students in the “automotive” sector, creating a specific professional training programme for the industrial vehicles sector.

The collaboration between Iveco and CNOS-FAP, which also involves FPT Industrial, one of the world's most important names in the power unit field, and BASF, one of the world's largest chemical industries, aims to run specific vocational training programmes which aims to train and assist highly qualified young technicians entering the job market. “TechPro2 Iveco” in fact aims to respond to the growing demand for specialised labour by Iveco dealers and authorised workshops and, at the same time, provide a valid requalification tool for people already employed in the sector.
The training programme consists in a part of the programme delivered at the Salesian Vocational Training Centre (CFP), and a practical phase carried out directly in Iveco workshops.

In this regard the dealer Iveco Garelli will be involved, by making available their network of authorised workshops for the placement schemes which will allow the young students to consolidate solid technical and professional skills and, at the same time, gain important experience in the field.
Finally, the collaboration between Iveco and CNOS–FAP includes the implementation of special projects for company employees, starting this year by offering access to the children of Iveco employees in Italy to the training courses running at CFP Salesiani CNOS–FAP.