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Iveco Trakker wins “Top Ethanol” alternative fuel prize in Brazil
Iveco was awarded with the “Top Ethanol” technology prize last Monday in Sao Paulo (Brazil) with the recently revealed Iveco Trakker Bi-Fuel Ethanol-Diesel prototype, the first of its kind in the world. The ceremony was held during the “Ethanol Summit 2011”, an international seminar promoted by Unica (the local association of sugar and ethanol producers) to discuss new technologies and policies to further improve sugar cane business, an economic sector that is booming in Brazil.

The technology was co-developed by Iveco, FPT Industrial and Bosch. The truck uses a 360cv Cursor 9 engine that can run on an ethanol and Diesel combination. The ethanol is injected directly into the intake manifold during the admission stage. After the compression stage, the Diesel is injected to promote combustion. There is no need for anti-knocking additives of any kind.

The Iveco Trakker Bi-Fuel prototype is now being tested by Raízen, a joint venture company between Cosan (Brazilian largest sugar-cane producer) and Shell. First field results have confirmed early expectations. The vehicle has shown a 40%-60% ethanol-Diesel average fuel mix, with lower fuel costs when compared to a normal Diesel engine.