Press Releases

New Daily: European orders reach the 11 thousand mark
Following its international launch just over a month ago, the New Daily, Iveco’s light commercial vehicle, has reached European orders totalling 11,000.   Germany, France and Italy showed particularly good results, noticeably in the chassis cab segment.   This achievement confirms Daily as Europe’s favourite vehicle amongst transport professionals.
In addition to the critical acclaim it has received from the public and the press alike the New Daily has been awarded another sign of approval. Iveco has been selected by the European jury of Warner Bros as the company achieving “Best Brand Association”, asserting itself amongst other licensees at European level with the use of the Superman logo, the DC Comics superhero icon, in New Daily communications.

The New Daily, renewed in both style and content, responds to demands for guaranteed excellent performance as well as a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.   A reliable workhorse for meeting the everyday logistical needs of operators in the light goods and passenger transport sector.

In city centres, inter-urban transportation and demanding off-road applications, the New Daily confirms the accomplishments and values that are written into its DNA: “strong and professional”.   Proving itself once again as a concrete answer to those looking for a vehicle that combines technological innovation and sustainable mobility, but without losing performance, reliability and strength.