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New Daily – a new hero for transport professionals
The latest evolution of the professional transport industry’s favourite working companion is about to arrive. The Iveco Daily, sold in every part of the world, owes its fame to over 2 million units sold. The new Iveco light range commercial vehicle, that will be launched during September 2011 retains its characteristics unaltered that have made it the success for transport professionals. Daily has been, from the start, a true commercial vehicle with its separate chassis frame, built to facilitate ease of body building and to reliably, economically and ecologically accompany those at work transporting goods and people under every logistic need. At home in the city centre, in rapid intercity transport and for arduous off-road applications, Daily has long been the light range commercial of choice.

In its latest innovation, new Daily retains the qualities behind its fame; strength, reliability, efficiency, versatility, characteristics on which Iveco strives to continuously improve and to this end, new Daily brings new, high efficiency engines with more power; improved both economically and ecologically.

In pride of place is FPT Industrial’s 3.0 litre Euro 5 Diesel engine, introducing a class topping rated power of 205 cv (150 kW) with a massive 470 Nm of torque. Thanks to the adoption of twin turbochargers, one compact and of low inertia to provide a rapid and vigorous response from a very low engine speed, and a larger unit to deliver the engine’s maximum performance, providing high torque and power with low emissions and fuel consumption. For those versions of New Daily falling into the heavy duty category and all Natural Power versions, the EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) certification remains, still the most stringent European exhaust emission standard available.

The FPT Industrial 2.3 litre engine benefits from an increase in engine torque to 320 Nm and the new Multijet II multi-event fuel injection system that optimises the combustion process, bringing noteworthy benefits in terms of bare engine noise, fuel consumption and tail-pipe emissions.

Exhaust emission abatement technology for all Diesel engines remains with an enhanced EGR system with improved control to ensure accurate recirculated gas distribution among the engine cylinders and a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) as standard. The exhaust system architecture and the EGR logic have been optimised with particular attention to urban duty cycles.

For New Daily, respect for the environment goes hand-in-hand with respect for other road users and for this, active safety measures serve to help reduce accidents. Day time running lights are introduced as is the new fog light cornering feature to ensure that drivers of new Daily can see and can be seen.

Standard equipment also features the new ESP 9 safety system with active sensors and comprises ABS (ant-lock brakes), EBD (electronic brake force distribution), ASR (traction control), MSR (engine speed management to control engine over-run braking), ESP (stability control), HBA (hydraulic brake assist to ensure emergency braking is as effective as possible), Hill holder, LAC (load adaptive braking control), TSM (trailer sway mitigation), HRB (hydraulic rear wheel brake boost), HFC (hydraulic brake fade compensation), RMI (roll movement intervention) and ROM (roll over mitigation).

In terms of model availability, New Daily retains full coverage from 2.8t to 7.0t maximum permitted mass, allowing a useful payload of up to 4.7t and, for van models, a loading volume of up to 17.2m3 and its six variants, a leader in its class. It also retains its full range of engines, including also natural power and electric drive configurations.

Specific interior on-board comfort improvements have been made to the vehicle including an adjustable steering column and an increased adjustment range for the driver and passenger seating.

New Daily confirms the values that make up its DNA, “strong and professional”, highlighting its credentials of economy and ecology, introduced in its last evolution in 2009, over 100 000 units of which have subsequently been sold over the last two years. New Daily will be yet again the concrete response for those looking for technical innovations in support of sustainable mobility, without renouncing its performance, reliability and sturdiness. It is, without doubt, the product of continuous improvement for which no task is too demanding. A real hero, just like the one that will accompany it on its everyday activities.