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Iveco sponsors the 26th World Truck Driving Championship
The 26th World Truck Driving Championship will be held from tomorrow until Sunday at Iveco’s test track in Strada Cascinette, Turin. The event is organised by the Italian truckers’ association “Noi Camionisti” on behalf of UICR (Union International des Chauffeurs Routiers) in collaboration with Iveco.

The championship is held every two years, in each of the thirty member nations of the UICR in rotation. This year’s event has attracted 19 delegations and a total of 600 competitors. Each team, made up no more than three drivers, plus the current title holders, will be tackling a series of tests to assess their driving precision and skill, as well as vehicle control and knowledge of the rules of the road.

No speed-related tests are involved, because the World Truck Driving Championship promotes only responsible competition among drivers and is dedicated to raising awareness of road safety issues throughout the road haulage industry and of the public at large.

The vehicles used for the tests, all provided by Iveco, include vans, trucks up to 12 tons gross mass, trucks over 12 tons gross mass, articulated vehicles, road trains and buses.

By supporting this international event, Iveco is confirming its dedication to road safety and the environment, two core issues for the company’s development and technological innovation.