Press Releases

Iveco receives the Performance Key Award 2007
The 39th edition of the Key Award was recently held in Milan. This festival celebrates creativity in the vast repertoire of advertising campaigns for Italian made products. During the event Iveco received recognition in the "Performance" category, the most prestigious prize awarded in a cross-sector manner to companies or individuals who have stood out for their inventiveness in the marketing and communications area.

Stefano Sterpone, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing and Alessandro Cicchetti, Marketing General Manager, picked up the prize during a ceremony attended by numerous personalities from the communications and marketing sector as well as celebrities from the world of showbusiness and television.

The decision to award the “Performance Key Award” to Iveco was explained on the grounds of “the remarkable increase in turnover in the first 6 months of this year thanks in many respects to a particularly effective marketing communication campaign”.

As well as the incontrovertibly positive effects it has had on the company’s corporate image, the advertising campaign, originally designed to promote and launch the new Stralis (the first vehicle to issue from Iveco’s sponsoring of the All Blacks), has contributed to the success of our overall marketing strategy and, together with the quality of the product itself, has also led to excellent results in terms of unit sales.

Last spring, the heavy-duty Stralis was a key player in what, in terms of TV commercials and above all the tour which brought a convoy of 100 vehicles (strictly black in colour with the by now customary Maori livery) along all the roads of Europe, was the biggest advertising campaign ever launched by Iveco.

The sponsoring of the All Blacks is the outcome of a broad corporate strategy that has as its main objective an improvement in company brand image and which to this end can also draw from an excellent range of products and customer services. It is a strategy backed up by a well-grounded communications network towards all interested parties and is a logical consequence of the process of change that the company’s cultural and organisational structures have been undergoing following the far-reaching streamlining measures undertaken in 2006. The guiding thread of this new trajectory is a commitment to meet customer expectations, a bedrock of our communications and product strategies from design to the show room.