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Iveco presents Dual Energy concept at the European Motor Show in Brussels

Iveco showcases its state-of-the-art alternative traction concept along with several models from its Daily range at the 91st European Motor Show in Brussels. The event is taking place from 11-20 January 2013 at the Brussels Expo. The Iveco stand is located in Hall 7. 

Sustainable mobility is the central theme on the Iveco stand with five New Daily models on display, including one electric-powered model and one powered by natural gas.

Another main attraction on the stand is the new Iveco Dual Energy concept, which made its international debut last September in Hanover. It will be displayed on the chassis of a lightweight hybrid diesel vehicle.

A conference being held today, on 10 January, dedicated to the international press outlines the sustainable mobility aspects of Iveco’s vehicles. This conference addresses the fact that today no single alternative solution can be applied to all types of transport missions. This is why Iveco continues to pursue different directions where it is committed to guaranteeing, both continuous improvement in the efficiency of Diesel engines, and the manufacturing of vehicles using alternative drive systems that operate on natural gas, electric or hybrid power, that are suited for all various transportation needs.

This commitment to developing alternative power sources is demonstrated by the fact that Iveco is the European leader in the field of natural gas vehicles. The company offers a full range of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) vehicles: from the 3.5 tonne Natural Power Daily to the 16 tonne Eurocargo and 40 tonne Stralis CNG. In total there are about 12,000 Iveco natural gas vehicles today in circulation in public and private fleets, of which approximately 5,000 Daily, 2,000 medium and heavy-range vehicles and approximately 5,000 buses.

Iveco Dual Energy: the ideal urban mobility solution

Iveco renews its commitment to the research and development of new technological solutions that meet the increasing demands for sustainable mobility. The Iveco Dual Energy concept is the result of this continued innovation. It proposes an extremely flexible technology for light commercial vehicles that is capable of switching to the most appropriate power source depending on a vehicle’s specific mission.

The system relies on the use of two different types of traction. The first is exclusively electric, ensuring zero local emissions and low noise levels. This electric system is specified for urban or low-traffic areas, where the speed limit does not exceed 50 kilometres per hour.

The second hybrid (thermoelectric) option is suitable for long journeys and for extra-urban missions. The hybrid system is appropriate for achieving energy efficiency on extra-urban roads. This type of traction reduces up to 25% consumption and CO2 emissions compared to a Diesel engine. These two alternative traction systems make the vehicle suitable for “last mile” management in zero emission areas, whilst ensuring the best performances for extra-urban activities.

Iveco has worked on this concept via an open and collaborative innovation model which relies on cooperation with key partners. The Iveco Dual Energy components on display were in fact implemented in collaboration with other important international companies.

Vehicles on display: the Daily range

Five Iveco Daily models, which include an electric and a natural gas powered option, will be displayed on the stand. Ecological and reliable, the Daily range exhibited in Brussels showcases all of its characteristics as a versatile lightweight vehicle that is able to respond to the logistic requirements of those who work daily in the transport of goods and people both in city centres as well as in express, extra-urban transport.

These characteristics include: a ladder-frame chassis, rear-wheel drive, direct injection turbocharged diesel engine, 4x4 version, intercooler, natural gas engines, up to 17.2 m3 of loading space and an internal height of 210 cm, common rail fuel injection, six-speed transmissions and a total mass of weight capacity for seven tonnes. In brief, these are the strengths that summarise the history of an undeniable protagonist in the lightweight commercial vehicle market.
The following Daily vehicles will be present on the stand: a 12 m Euro 5 35S15V Daily with Start&Stop function, a Euro 5 70C21, a 12m electric Daily, a compressed natural gas (CNG) powered 50C14G/P and a 50C15 EEV.

Daily Natural Power

The Daily range also offers the Natural Power version, equipped with an F1 CNG 136 hp engine by FPT Industrial with three-way catalytic converter. The engine uses the stoichiometric combustion system (with a chemically correct air-fuel ratio), which provides high reliability and durability and ensures exhaust gas emissions well below the limits required by European EEV regulations in force.

Daily Electric

Also with regard to electric vehicles, the Daily is able to ensure high levels of reliability and to adapt to the most common missions in urban areas, such as door-to-door distribution and the urban transport of people. The electric-powered vehicle with zero exhaust emissions is designed, manufactured, sold and serviced entirely by Iveco.

The Start&Stop function: up to 10% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

The Daily allows the driver to improve and optimise their driving style with new technologies such as the Start&Stop function and the GSI (Gear Shift Indicator) system.
The Start&Stop function is available as an option in conjunction with the new 6-speed gearbox with the 2.3 litre engine. This function switches the engine off when the vehicle stops, putting the gearbox in neutral. It automatically restarts when the gear is engaged, thus allowing significant fuel savings when used for urban situation.

In addition, the GSI (Gear Shift Indicator) system, offered as standard in conjunction with the 6-speed gearbox points out the gear to be selected for a driving style with lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

Combining the advantages offered by the 2.3 litre 146 Hp engine, the 6-speed gearbox and the Start&Stop system, the Daily can achieve, on a mixed route, a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of up to 10% compared to the previous model. A reduction which takes on even more significant proportions in city driving, where the benefit offered by the Start&Stop function and the Gear Shift Indicator is greater.