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Iveco launches Blue & Me Fleet
Iveco announced that on the occasion of the IAA commercial vehicle show in Hanover, they will launch their telematics fleet management and driver assistance package, Blue&Me Fleet. The telematics solution is developed on the Fiat Group Automobiles hardware platform, Blue&Me, and delivered via Qualcomm’s FleetVisor Mobile Communications Platform.

This important product initiative brings to Iveco customers the state of the art in advanced vehicle utilisation and planning management, increasingly important capabilities for reducing vehicle operating costs and improving the profitable utilisation of vehicles and drivers.
This end-to-end customer solution is the result of a collaboration between Iveco, Europe’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, and Qualcomm Enterprise Services Europe BV, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM). Qualcomm’s telematics and mobile asset management services are fully compatible with the Blue&Me Fleet Onboard Computer Platform and allow the vehicle operator to obtain real-time information from all equipped vehicles.

Blue&Me obtains vehicle data, such as fuel consumption, mileage, speed, and engine usage from the vehicle CAN BUS v, while also tracking the driver identity so that data can be correlated, allowing individual driver’s activity and driving behaviour to be monitored and managed by the company.

Blue&Me also delivers, tachograph remote download, which is an interface with the digital tachograph that allows remote authentication and download of the tachograph data, in adherence with the new specifications recently agreed to and published by vehicle and tachograph manufacturers. Tachometer remote download capability eliminates the need for the fleet operator to access the vehicle directly to download this data in accordance with industry legal requirements. The Blue & Me fleet hardware transmits data using the cellular network link to the Qualcomm network management system. From there, the vehicle operator can access the information via the FleetVisor web portal in his Internet browser. A dedicated integration service allows implementing the data into existing in-house software systems.

A variety of reports will be available, including specific trip monitoring and current vehicle location status. Messaging from vehicle operator headquarters to the specific vehicle makes use of text-to-speech technology. An on-board GPS receiver allows data streaming via Bluetooth to external devices such as hand-held computers (i.e. PDA) and other portable devices (i.e. smartphone). Entertainment and other features include an MP3 player and Bluetooth hands-free speech telephony with voice activated (speaker independent) dialling.
The next development for Blue&Me Fleet will be a technical service feature whereby automated communication with the Iveco CustomerCentre will provide all necessary information (vehicle and geographical) to enable the Assistance-Non-Stop service to intervene.

Sergio Bracco Vice President for Product Portfolio and Innovation said, “Road transport is a demand led industry fuelled by economic growth but operational costs are a serious competitive issue. I am delighted that our cooperation with Qualcomm will bring to our customers the very latest in vehicle operation management to enable vehicle operating costs to be accurately measured and controlled. The goal is to sell every driving hour and every vehicle kilometre.”

“The integration of the advanced Iveco Blue&Me Fleet System into our own FleetVisor Mobile Communications Platform provides state-of-the-art services to those who want to improve the performance of their transportation, multi-drop or service operations,” said Bill Karnazes, Managing Director of Qualcomm Enterprise Services Europe. “The close cooperation between Qualcomm and Iveco ensures that all business-critical information is at the customer’s fingertips, including details on the drivers, vehicles and carg