Press Releases

Iveco at the World Natural Gas and Hydrogen Vehicle Fair
Iveco will participate at the 2nd World Fair of natural gas and hydrogen powered vehicles to be held at Lingotto Fiere , in Turin from today until 27 September 2008.

The Iveco presence is part of the Fiat Group participation in the fair. Fiat Group also is a “gold sponsor” of the event. With this sponsorship, Fiat reaffirms its commitment to sustainable mobility with the application of alternative fuels , contributing to the spread of a natural gas culture and presenting the most environmentally-friendly solutions currently available.
Respect for the environment and sustainable mobility are also the basis of technological innovation for Iveco.

Natural gas as a road vehicle fuel in particular is, for Iveco, the solution available today that can satisfy the economic and ecological needs for commercial vehicles. This conviction is testimony to the vehicles exhibited by Iveco at the fair: a Stralis CNG, and a Daily CNG on the internal stand with an Irisbus Citis CNG exhibited outside of the pavilion.
These are the more innovative among the technological solutions leading towards sustainable mobility and providing economic operational advantages for the vehicle user that constitute the growth strategy for Iveco.

Natural gas vehicles
Iveco is the European Leader in commercial vehicle and bus natural gas technology. Its range comprises a wide range of urban bus and Daily, Stralis and, from 2009, Eurocargo commercial vehicles. Currently there are in circulation over 10 000 Iveco natural gas vehicles.

Renewable fuels
Biogas, produced by decaying organic matter, along with gas from fossil sources are readily used by Iveco vehicles as is bio-Diesel mixed with mineral based Diesel up to 5% without engine modifications.
Iveco fully supports the development of renewable second generation processes, that is BTL (bio-mass to liquid) and HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil).

Alternative traction
The Iveco range of series and parallel hybrid buses is already in operation in a number of European cities.
Now, this technology is being extended also to goods transport. In 2008, Iveco has initiated a programme of extended customer acceptance trials with its light and medium range of commercial vehicles, the Daily and Eurocargo, in collaboration with a number of important customers.
For urban missions, Iveco offers also the Daily electric, zero, emissions, very low noise and a range of up to 120km without stopping to recharge the batteries.

EEV and Euro V
All Iveco vehicles of 7.0t maximum permitted mass and above are available certified to the Euro V standards, that will enter into force in October 2009. In addition, there are many Tector and Cursor engine variants available certified to EEV, the most severe European emissions standard available.

In Iveco the realisation of its recycling strategy applicable to vehicles at the end of their useful life actually goes farther than the legal requirements demand: The Daily light commercial vehicle is more than 90% recyclable, well ahead of the European Directive foreseen for 2015; A planning philosophy and commitment towards sustainability.