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Iveco at the Genoa Boat Show with the SeaLand

Iveco presents the SeaLand, an experimental amphibian, and two other special vehicles for emergency operations at the 52nd edition of the Genoa International Boat Show, held at the Genoa Fairground from 6th to 14th October.

At the Boat Show, which draws over 250,000 visitors each year, ranging from industry professionals to boating fans, Iveco exhibits the SeaLand, an experimental amphibian vehicle designed by the engineer Maurizio Zanisi on the basis of Iveco Daily 4x4 chassis.

The vehicle can be used as a tender for large yachts. At first glance, it recalls the Iveco Daily from which it is derived. The vehicle proves its performance capabilities at the Boat Show by taking a short trip from the shore out onto a pier and then descending into the Ligurian Sea.

While the SeaLand is the star of Iveco’s exhibition space, it is not the only vehicle in the spotlight. The company’s excellence in emergency operations is on display along with two other vehicles: the RAVx6 “Duffy” (Rescue Amphibious Vehicle), an amphibian with a 6x6 drive for emergencies executed by fire departments and civil protection units, and an Eurocargo 160E 30 outfitted with a Magirus 32-L AT articulated fire-fighting turntable ladder.

Iveco’s exhibition area represents an important showcase for its special vehicles and innovative technological solutions in the fire-fighting sector, which have a reputation to be extremely reliable and effective.

Technical information about the vehicles

SeaLand – reliable and secure vehicle both in water and on land

This experimental vehicle consists of a modified Iveco Daily 4x4. No changes were made to the mechanical parts of the vehicle, confirming the exceptional strength and quality of the renowned Iveco light duty vehicle. On the other hand, a number of modifications were made to the vehicle in order to enable it to sail the sea, starting with a customised underside specially designed to make it watertight, with a “hull” of steel sheet metal welded around it.

The vehicle is propelled by a hydrojet coupled with a powerful three-litre turboDiesel, while the maximum autonomy is assured thanks to additional tanks that can hold up to approximately 300 litres of fuel. The vehicle has already been deployed in several missions including a 14-hours crossing of the Corsica Channel, measuring 75 nautical miles, equal to around 140 kilometres.

RAVx6 “Duffy”, ready for every emergency

The amphibian RAVx6 “Duffy” was designed and built to provide utmost reliability and durability in emergency situations, like floods. The vehicle is capable of manoeuvring in water, as well as on/off road, and over rugged, muddy terrain. It is equipped with differentials on the front, centre, and rear axles, which have been suitably sized to enable the vehicle to operate under the harshest conditions.

The Iveco Magirus “Duffy” has a 15-tonne 6x6 chassis with three axles. Thanks to an FPT Industrial N60 ENT engine with an Allison automatic gearbox and a hydro-pneumatic, independent suspension, the vehicle can reach road speeds of 85 km/h.

The vehicle also comes equipped with an emergency system that permits amphibious navigation in case of main engine failure, with a speed of two knots under full-load conditions. The cab, made of light metal alloy, is completely enclosed and furnished with two side doors. It can accommodate two workers, in addition to the driver.

Fire-fighting ladder

Finally, Iveco’s exhibition area includes a Magirus fire-fighting ladder, the company leader in the field of articulated ladders. The 32–L AT articulated turntable ladder has been fitted onto a Eurocargo 160E30 with a 4,815-mm wheelbase and 1+2 ML cab. The body of the ladder consists of an arm with five different sections and a 4.7-metre telescopic extension. It is equipped with a computerised system to reduce oscillations.

The vehicle also sits securely on the ground thanks to the Vario vehicle-jacking safety system. With a working height of 32 metres, the ladder is outfitted with a rescue cage with a load-bearing capacity of 300 kg, as well as water piping. The cage also comes with a load eye for the transport of loads of up to 400 kg.