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Iveco at the 12th International Natural Gas Vehicle Conference and Exhibition in Rome
Iveco is participating at the 12th International Natural Gas Vehicle Conference and Exhibition at the Fiera di Roma.
Iveco is participating in the fair as part of the Fiat Group participation, which is the main sponsor of the event. With this sponsorship, Fiat reaffirms its commitment to sustainable mobility, contributing to disseminating the culture of methane and introducing the most eco-friendly solutions currently available to the general public.
The attention to sustainable mobility is a key part of Iveco's company strategy, as testimony to the vehicles exhibited by Iveco at the fair. In the outdoor area next to the exhibition hall an Irisbus Citelis CNG stands next to a ECODaily Natural Power. This natural gas fuel version is the most recent transformation of the popular model, of which two million have been sold since its initial launch. Today’s model sports a facelift and new engines in addition to improved comfort and onboard electronics. The Iveco stand, instead, showcases an ECODaily Natural Power Hydro-methane, one of the most recent results of the Fiat Group's R&D in the field of sustainable mobility. The vehicle is provided with a hydro-methane bi-fuel engine, which runs on a mixture of hydrogen and methane with petrol capability as a get-you-home facility.
Iveco is European leader in the natural gas commercial vehicle segment and believes this fuel to be a valid solution to responsibly tackle the needs of commercial road transport. The environmental impact of this key segment for economic development can be optimised by using well proven state-of-the-art technologies.
Iveco is involved in the NGV Rome International Conferences entitled “Creating a revolution in transport”, specifically in the session devoted to natural gas engines and OEM vehicles. Speakers include Franco Villa, of IVECO-Irisbus Product Marketing.
"Since the 1980s, Iveco has been addressing CNG propulsion and is today European leader in the research and production of natural gas vehicles, with over ten thousand on the road today in private and public fleets which have accumulated more than 600 million kilometres”, declared Franco Villa. "Ours is the most complete, modern range of natural gas vehicles on the market today." With regards to public transport, Irisbus has a complete range of CNG buses powered by FPT engines, which have been adopted in over 70 cities across Europe".
Supporting sustainable mobility is an increasingly important factor in strategic company policy for Iveco. Aware of the importance of environmental sustainability in road transport, Iveco offers state-of-the-art technological solutions capable of providing products which respond increasingly well to the specific needs of customers in their various missions:
• Natural gas vehicles. Remaining in the field of fossil fuel and considering the great attention which the quality of air in urban areas requires, natural gas engines are proven to be the cleanest internal combustion engines on the market today. They are as quiet as petrol engines and emit much less carbon dioxide. Iveco is European leader in natural gas fuelled commercial vehicles and has the most complete product range on the market today. The range includes models particularly suited for city use: a wide range of buses, the Daily (the most recent version was launched last year), the ECODaily Natural Power, Eurocargo and Stralis. There are over 10,000 Iveco natural gas vehicles on the road today.
• Renewable fuels. Second-generation bio-fuels (both gaseous and liquid) will be available in the future and Iveco is supporting their development to promote high availability.
Among gaseous bio-fuels, bio-methane produced by organic waste, animal waste and discarded vegetables has important advantages on an environmental level in global terms (WTW - Well to Wheel analysis) and is an interesting opportunity to contribute to reducing the 10% renewable fuel target set for 2020. Bio-methane supports and integrates the fossil fuel offer and can be used now on Iveco vehicle.
Hydro-methane is obtained by mixing green hydrogen with 30% methane (or bio-methane). This mixture guarantees further advantages in terms of CO2 emissions and other polluting emissions with respect to pure methane.
Latest Diesel fuels conforming to the international standard EN 590 contain up to 7% of bio-mass derived fuel and can be used without any engine or fuel system modifications.
• Alternative traction. The synergy between an electric motor and an internal combustion engine with the recovery of kinetic energy when braking make Iveco hybrids the best fuel savers. With respect to traditional vehicles, hybrids assure quieter, more comfortable running and significant fuel savings, in addition to the possibility, in some configurations, of travelling with zero emissions in protected urban areas. The Iveco range of series and parallel hybrid buses is already operational in many European cities. This technology is being extended to freight transport. Two years ago, Iveco started a full-scale road test programme for light and medium commercial vehicles - Daily and Eurocargo - in collaboration with several key customers. The Iveco portfolio for urban travel includes the ECODaily Electric, a zero emission light commercial vehicle, the features of which include very low noise and a range of up to 120 km. The vehicle is entirely designed, made and sold by Iveco.
• Polluting emissions. Air quality is a fundamental issue in environmental protection and public health. With this in mind, Iveco introduced Euro V compliant vehicles (in force since October 2009) over four years ahead of the legal deadline. Today, Iveco is already working on Euro VI compliant solutions with the objective of once again keeping ahead of legal requirements to the benefit of the environment and customers. More specifically, each Iveco range has EEV (Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle) diesel engines, and is the undisputed European leader in the natural gas sector, with vehicles with already meeting future Euro VI emission levels.

Iveco designs, manufactures, and markets a broad range of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, off-road trucks, city and intercity buses and coaches as well as special vehicles for applications such as fire fighting, off-road missions, defence and civil protection.
Iveco employs almost 25,000 people and runs 24 production units in 11 Countries in the world using excellent technologies developed in 6 research centres. Besides Europe, the company operates in China, Russia, Australia and Latin America. With around 5,000 sales and service outlets in over 160 Countries guarantee technical support wherever in the world an Iveco vehicle is at work.

Turin, 10th June 2010