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Iveco and the Paralympic Winter Games
For Iveco, being Official Sponsor of the Torino 2006 Olympic Games is a source of pride and not just the consequence of the fact that the event is taking place in the city where the Company has its main premises. Even less trivial is the link that Iveco has set up with the Paralympic Winter Games. While on the one hand the Olympic showcase offers us the opportunity to give visibility to the company’s brands and products and to circulate the values in which the company believes internationally, on the other we must be even more convinced and share in full all the values that go beyond sport pure and simple.
The Paralympic Games transcend cultural diversity, respect for opponents, challenge acceptance, the ambition to be at the front, and determination, which are the inspiring principles of the Olympic spirit. Iveco shows it shares these values in full when it sets itself ever more ambitious targets, engaging in intense, highly complex challenges just like these sportsmen and women who need years of sacrifice and intense training to obtain success.
Moreover, the Paralympics have profound human implications. These include courage, self-confrontation, the drive to overcome constrictive physical limitations and, above all, the need to start believing in life again. The obstacle here is not an hindrance but more grounds for the pursuit of self-awareness, desires, will, turning it into the guiding principle of one’s life.
For these great women and men who shape their lives by doing something special, participation pure and simple is a victory in itself, indeed it is something more than a victory, it is material evidence of their existence.
This is why Iveco’s commitment as sponsor of the Paralympic Games goes way beyond the support the company will give through contributing to transport services its buses and minibuses outfitted with aids for the disabled and hoists for wheelchairs. It is a moral commitment. A commitment to share enthusiastically the effort of these athletes, which is far more than a competitive effort, just as Iveco is engaged in constant striving after excellence both in the field of technological innovation and in addressing the market challenges that the future will present.

Turin, February 22, 2006