Press Releases

Iveco and GTT join forces to provide transport services that respect the enviroment
Two Iveco Daily Ecodriver vehicles join the fleet operated by Gruppo Torinese Trasporti, the company that runs public transport in and around Turin.
Tomorrow, the day of the official inauguration of the Torino 2006 XX Olympic Winter Games, Iveco will deliver the two vehicles, developed jointly with Bosch, to GTT Torino. The Daily Ecodrivers will join approximately 200 vehicles running on natural gas that Iveco has already supplied to GTT, underlining both companies’ sensitivity to the protection of the environment.
This environmental awareness is an integal part of Iveco’s corporate stategy, a fact underlined by the company’s inclusion in the Torino 2006 Sponsor and Sustainability programme, which aims to highlight the environmental initiatives put in place by TOROC and its partners, focusing on common elements and strengths in the context of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games.
Research and development activities never cease at Iveco, and this enables the company to offer its customers reliable state-of-the-art solutions, which are always designed to have a minimal impact on the environment.
The Iveco Daily Ecodriver is equipped with a parallel hybrid propulsion system; this type of vehicle architecture keeps consumption to a minimum and lowers emissions considerably. The vehicle is fitted with a 45 kW / 240 Nm electric generator, combined with a 6as300 automated transmission and an additional 400 V battery pack, which recovers and releases energy.
The vehicle’s main goal is to reduce consumption and emissions (particularly CO2 and greenhouse gases) in the urban environment, without detracting in any way from travelling comfort, performance or versatility when used out of town, by recovering and storing energy on the over-run and in other conditions, and releasing it when starting, or accelerating sharply.
Turin, February 9, 2006