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Iveco and CUS Torino team up for Agon project
Study while playing rugby: this essentially sums up the Agon project which sees Iveco and CUS Torino join forces.

Study while playing rugby: this essentially sums up the initiative which sees Iveco and CUS Torino join forces with the Piedmont Region to promote and strengthen the relationship between local sports associations, the university system and the business community.

The project will give students/athletes from the main European universities in France, Germany, Romania and Poland, the opportunity to spend the 2008-2009 academic year in Turin participating in sports activities. Furthermore, Iveco will arrange a variety of internships for students of the selected universities.

The initiative is part of the Agon Project, which aims to support athletes and students of technical disciplines from around the world, while at the same time building bridges between the centres of excellence involved in the project.

The project will not only raise the number of sports participants in the local districts, but will also foster the technical growth of these districts. This in turn will strengthen the image of Piedmont as a region with a positive reputation for sports excellence and, in particular, further education. In addition, the project will generate opportunities to forge links with foreign universities and develop integrated sport-educational-professional career paths for the students involved.

Iveco partners CUS Torino Rugby

The collaboration with CUS Torino is not limited solely to the Agon Project. In fact, Iveco is partner of the CUS Torino rugby teams, from the Under-7 side to the men’s senior Serie C squad, further demonstrating that the company has wholeheartedly embraced the values of this sport, regardless of the technical ability of those who practice it.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the firm’s sponsorship of CUS Torino coincides almost exactly with the agreement announced last week between Iveco and the Italian Rugby Federation. This latter deal is the latest development in a campaign which began in January 2007 with Iveco's sponsorship of the All Blacks, the New Zealand national rugby union team, who were chosen for their close affinity with the company's values.

The agreement with CUS Torino will involve the customisation of the “A. Albonico” Sports Centre in Grugliasco, where matches are played, and the supply of match equipment including a sizeable quantity of rugby balls bearing the Iveco logo.