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Deutsche Post DHL adopts Iveco ECODAILY Electric for environmentally-friendly transport
On September 22, Deutsche Post DHL, the world's leading mail and logistics group, will be symbolically receiving the first Iveco ECODAILY Electric at the International Commercial Vehicle Show (IAA) in Hanover. The 10 vehicles will be deployed as of 2011 in parcel delivery at various locations in Germany, including Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf and Hamburg.

Deutsche Post DHL uses around 2,700 vehicles that promote climate protection and reduce CO2emissions. These include, for example, vehicles with hybrid or electric drive, alternative fuels or even technical modifications to engine systems and aerodynamic aids.

Iveco’s ECODAILY Electric is the first 3.5t van within the Deutsche Post DHL Europe fleet of vehicles. With the validation of the van under its normal operations, Deutsche Post DHL will support Iveco’s further development of electric drives for use in logistics in order to reduce the cost of the technology  in the medium term, to make it more economically accessible.

"By deploying this, our first 3.5 ton van with electric drive, we are piloting a technology for the future in our daily business. We hope to be able to provide key insights for any further developments in alternative traction vehicles and become the pioneers in the area of climate protection," said Thomas Zuber, Head of Mail and DHL Parcel Delivery. 

"Iveco has long since made a name for itself in developing alternative traction systems. For over 20 years, the company has been testing and producing gas and hybrid vehicles. With its extensive transport network, Deutsche Post DHL is an ideal partner for validating the vehicles in an operational setting," said John Venstra, Head of Sales and Marketing at Iveco Magirus AG.

Electric vehicles are especially suited to driving in town with typically a more stop and start type of traffic flow and a daily travel distance of 40 km. With a range of 90 km, the batteries in the Iveco ECODAILY Electric are more than adequate and can be charged over night at the Deutsche Post DHL depots or delivery bases.

Since 2008, Deutsche Post DHL has been using green electricity in their bases and office buildings in Germany and, thanks to the use of the Iveco ECODAILY Electric, the company CO2 emissions will be reduced to zero.
With almost no emission of pollutants and noise, the trucks are very environmentally friendly.  With this traction technology, independence of fossil fuels will make the validation programme an interesting investment for the future, the results of which could help to promote the use of the vehicles by Deutsche Post DHL nationwide.

Technical details:

The electric Motor / generator is calibrated specifically for the frequent stops and starts typical for its mission. Upon braking, in generator mode, the vehicle’s kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy, so obtaining a significant energy reduction. This also minimises the erosion of friction material that would otherwise produce fine particulates during braking. Moreover, the Iveco ECODAILY Electric also saves energy by means of the electric motor driven power steering system that is inoperative when not needed and by means of a parallel 12 V power supply system for the lights.

The truck type chassis frame means that all parts of the electric traction system, including batteries are packaged under the loading floor with minimal vehicle modifications. There is no loss in loading space and the vehicle only needs to be optimised in terms of wheel base and body length, reflecting the change in weight distribution. The traction battery technology used is high-temperature (NaNiCl2) accumulators. This technology enables consistent performance regardless of climate conditions, complete discharge capability, and is cheaper than lithium ion batteries. The vehicles are well suited for daily use and are equipped with ABS and airbag.

Iveco has established itself as a leader in pure electric drive, having developed its first electric vehicle in 1986.