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Iveco calls for European policy action to promote fleet renewal
Iveco CEO, Paolo Monferino, participated yesterday at the 1st European Logistics Summit, organised by Club de l’Europe at the Albert Hall in Brussels and sponsored by Deutsche Post World Net.

The Summit was dedicated to logistics and its fundamental importance to the competitiveness of Europe. Among the speakers were the Vice President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry, Mr. Günter Verheugen and some of Europe leading industrialists including Frank Appel, CEO of Deutsche Post World Net.

Monferino addressed the progress of improving vehicle tail-pipe pollutant emissions since the early 1990s and now towards the new regulation, Euro VI. In addition he addressed the importance of CO2 emissions and the need for a specific approach differing from that currently proposed for passenger cars. For commercial vehicles the importance of CO2 emissions expressed in terms of g/ was made in order that the metric relates to the operational use of the vehicles and their carbon emissions, that is to freight movement.

Monferino made reference to the slow rate of the commercial fleet renewal, calling for policy action to encourage the rapid substitution of older more polluting vehicles with new, clean, fuel efficient ones. Such measures would serve to achieve immediate results for the improvement of air quality and for a reduction in transport CO2.

Speaking about improving logistics services, Monferino called for a system of transport in which every different transport mode could positively contribute to the development of the economy of the European Union through a process of integration and infrastructure developments.

Finally, Monferino made reference to the CARS21 (Competitive Automotive Regulatory System for the 21st century) initiative involving European Institutions, Member State Governments and vehicle manufacturers, suggesting an equivalent initiative for the logistics industry.