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Iveco to take part at Transpotec 2013
Iveco is participating in the latest edition of Transpotec Logitec 2013, a truck transport show dedicated to logistics and technological innovation. The fair is taking place at the Verona Fiere international exhibition centre in Verona, Italy, from 28 February to 3 March 2013.
The 2,400 square-metre stand, located in Hall 8, offers visitors a full display of the Iveco vehicle range from light to heavy trucks, minibuses to touring coaches and construction and quarry transport vehicles. In line with the stand design used at the International Motor Show in Hanover, the Transpotec presentation area takes inspiration from the colours and materials used to construct Fiat Industrial Village in Turin, Fiat Industrial’s first multi-purpose centre in the world.
The new Euro VI version of the Stralis Hi-Way is positioned at the centre of the stand. The vehicle makes its debut at Italy’s most important industry show after garnering international recognition as “International Truck of the Year 2013” for its competitive fuel consumption, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), state-of-the-art safety features, drivability, comfort and a reduced environmental impact.
The ultra-accessorised concept Stralis Hi-Way “Emotional” is also on display at Transpotec. This concept integrates personalised driver packages with a series of fixed elements which customers can order according to their specific requirements. The Stralis “Emotional” is equipped with new accessories to satisfy driver needs and comfort both behind the wheel and during rest breaks while guaranteeing excellent performance and safety for both vehicle and cargo on all road conditions.
Also making its debut on the Italian market, alongside the Stralis Hi-Way, is the New Trakker, a heavy off-road vehicle designed for work on construction and quarry sites. This latest version was officially introduced at the Hanover Motor Show and features a renewed cabin. The Astra HD9 8X4 completes the heavy off-road range proving ideal for challenging missions on construction and quarry sites. The medium range will be represented with a Eurocargo CNG vehicle, while three Daily vehicles, one of which is electric, represent Iveco’s light range offering.
Lastly, Iveco is presenting the following vehicles designed for collective passenger transport: the Daily Minibus which transports up to 25 passengers and can be used for a variety of mission types from urban to student transfer and tourism; the Crealis, an urban transport vehicle with innovative design and technical characteristics that is built to provide maximum respect for the environment; the official Team Italy version of the Magelys PRO touring coach, a leader in the touring coach segment, which is used to transport the Italian National Soccer Team.
The Transpotec Logitec show is also dedicated to logistics and innovative technologies. Iveco confirms its commitment to the research and development of new technological solutions to meet the standards of today and the needs of the future by presenting its Iveco Dual Energy concept.
The concept uses an extremely flexible technology which supplies a lightweight vehicle with the most appropriate form of power for a specific mission. Hence the name Dual Energy which puts forth the idea that a system can offer two types of traction, one exclusively electric for city jobs that guarantees zero emissions and low noise levels and the other hybrid (thermoelectric) traction, which is suitable for extra urban, long-haul journeys that offer reduced fuel consumption and 25% less CO2.
Iveco’s exhibition extends to the outdoor area with a space measuring over 12,000 square-metres. The vehicles on display in this area represent the entire Iveco range offering, outfitted with special equipment. Two Stralis Hi-Way, one of which is equipped with a Euro VI engine, and two Dailys are also available for visitor test drives in the outdoor area.