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Iveco and Sydeme: partnership with a fleet of 34 Natural Gas vehicles

Iveco has delivered to Sydeme, the public company in charge of the management of domestic waste in Moselle-Est (France), 34 Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV), of which six are Fiat Professional vans (four Fiorino and two Doblò) and 28 Iveco vehicles.

The fleet has been shown during the “Journee Filiere BioMethane”, a day totally dedicated to  biomethane production and valorization, held on the 23th of October in Forbach, France, near to the German border.

The Iveco fleet is made up of three Daily, multi-purpose, light utility vehicles ranging from 3.4 to 7.0 t and 25 Stralis, the Iveco flagship product of the heavy range, from 19 to 44 t.

This unique fleet is supported by a GNVERT latest-generation, high-speed public filling station, providing both CNG and biomethane fuel. Fully powered by biomethane, this fleet enables 100% carbon-free driving, emitting very low noise, particles and NOx. Not using Diesel, the reduction in fuel costs could reach 40%.

The Metavalor plant of Sydeme is designed to transform the domestic waste brought by the Iveco NGV fleet, into electricity, hot water, renewable fuel and compost suitable for organic agriculture.

Clément Chandon, Product Director at Iveco France, said on the occasion of the partnership with Sydeme: “By selecting Iveco, the European leader in NGV vehicles, Sydeme has chosen to diversify from Diesel with a technology which is the cleanest, the most multi-purpose and the most profitable”.

This technology is available for all tonnages up to 44 tons and ensures, with its silent operation, an optimal working environment and minimal inconvenience for local people. The advantageous cost of CNG enables rapid return on investment and the low carbon content, enables a reduction of CO2 emissions of approximately 10%.

Thanks to the biomethane produced by Sydeme, the ‘greenhouse effect’ output of the vehicles becomes neutral.

No other technology, currently in existence or within the development stages is able to offer a comparable output: the transportation of a useful load of up to 29 tons for 300 to 700 km without increasing the greenhouse effect or compromising the air quality whilst reducing noise-related disturbances.

Iveco in France

The Cursor 8 NGV engine of the STRALIS trucks is made in France. It is produced in the FPT Industrial (Fiat Powertrain Technologies) factory located in Bourbon-Lancy (Saône-et-Loire).

Leader of the French public transport vehicle market, Iveco designs, manufactures and sells an extensive range of coaches and buses in France.

The Iveco Group is a leader of NGV buses currently in operation in France with more than 80% of the market share. Also equipped with Cursor 8 CNG engine, these vehicles are manufactured in the factories of Annonay (Ardèche) and Rorthais (Deux-Sèvres). In total, Iveco employs 2.783 people in France.