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Iveco and New Holland Agriculture support the FIA Action for Road Safety campaign

Iveco and New Holland Agriculture have joined forces with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) to act as official suppliers for its FIA Action for Road Safety campaign. The accord will see the organisations work closely together to communicate a common message on the theme of road safety.

Iveco and New Holland Agriculture announced their support for the FIA Action for Road Safety campaign during a press conference held at Fiat Industrial Village in Turin, Italy. The FIA’s global campaign promotes awareness and education of safer driving behaviour in order to save lives on the world’s roads.

Iveco and New Holland Agriculture are the first manufacturers of commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery to support FIA Action for Road Safety. Their support will see the companies utilise their global networks to spread the safer motoring message. Safety represents an important value for both Iveco and New Holland Agriculture, as advanced vehicle safety systems make an essential contribution to protecting drivers, other road users, vehicles and cargo.

Iveco and New Holland Agriculture will begin their supplier activities with a presence at the racing circuits of the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC), the premier world championship reserved for touring cars.
There, Iveco will display the first-ever Safety Truck: a specially equipped Stralis, playing the role of “Leading Truck”. This vehicle will open the races, performing a lap around the racetrack and position itself ahead of the starting line before the Leading Car.

Moreover, a personalised Iveco hospitality vehicle will be present within the dedicated safety zone of the paddock area. The vehicle will function as a stage, backstage area and meeting place, highlighting road safety for commercial vehicles. New Holland Agriculture will be present at the first championship stage in Monza with a T7 Auto Command tractor equipped with the ABS SuperSteer™ system.
Each year 1.3 million people die and nearly 50 million others are injured in road traffic accidents. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that unless something is done to address this critical issue by 2030 traffic accidents will become the planet’s fifth most common cause of death, with a predicted 2.4 million fatalities per year.

The FIA Action for Road Safety campaign aims to address this critical problem by focusing the Federation's resources on helping its member organisations around the globe to educate and advocate for safer roads, vehicles and behaviours. Launched on May 11th 2011 in support of the United Nations’ Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011-2020), the FIA’s initiative has received enthusiastic support from the motorsport community, members of government and key global decision makers.

Iveco and its vehicle safety: the Stralis Hi-Way, International Truck of the Year 2013

Every day, Iveco manufactures vehicles that are equipped to protect drivers and passengers and safeguard the security of all those on the road. Its commitment is also evident throughout its entire product range with technical and technological solutions offered for preventive, passive and active protection.

The new Stralis Hi-Way, a highlight point of the Iveco heavy range, was recognized last year by a jury as International Truck of the Year 2013 for its characteristics, including its safety features. The Stralis represents a flagship model for the company and its road safety technologies. The driver of a Stralis can count on an efficient Electronic Brake System that provides a Brake Assistant function, for more rapid and efficient braking.

Among the vehicle’s most advanced technological active safety solutions, the vehicle features the Advanced Emergency Braking System, which alerts the driver of a possible collision while automatically placing the braking system into action in order to avoid or reduce the speed of impact; the Driver Attention Support feature which constantly monitors the level of driver attention by evaluating movement via the steering wheel, in the case of driver drowsiness, it alerts the driver with an acoustic and visual alarm.

The vehicle is also equipped with a Lane Departure Warning System which creates an acoustic signal when the vehicle exits the parameters of the lane without having activated the lane change signal. The system is highly efficient in preventing incidents caused by distraction and drowsiness. Lastly, the Xenon headlights increase driver visibility, guaranteeing a more secure and relaxed drive.

The Stralis Hi-Way cabin also demonstrates Iveco’s great attention to safety, featuring studied components that have been renewed in this new model.

The cabin of a truck represents both a working and living space for its user. Because of this, onboard ergonomics are essential: driver posture and visibility are fundamental for Iveco who projects the ideal cabin around the needs of its user. The quality of onboard life is essential for those who operate heavy vehicles over long distances and time periods. For this reason, the controls have been repositioned along the borders and central area in order to allow easy visibility and reachability within the cabin’s interior.

Iveco: road safety even in after sales

Accurate and frequent vehicle maintenance is essential for ensuring road safety. This is why Iveco is committed to guaranteeing road safety in all of its after sales services.

Original Iveco parts are certified with the Origin 100% quality mark. This confirms precise supplier selection, raw materials, production processes and resistance and wear tests. This process guarantees the best vehicle performance even after long-haul missions and heavy use.

Iveco Parts & Service also offers the option of adapting older vehicles with modern safety standards, such as connecting an integrated infotainment management system.

New Holland Agriculture: ongoing commitment to a safe working environment.

New Holland Agriculture, one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment, has always made operator safety one of its key priorities of product design and development.

Day in, day out, sometimes in extreme weather conditions, agricultural equipment is called upon to operate on terrain of all types, often with uneven surfaces, steep gradients and highly variable soil conditions, and to undertake road transport operations governed by specific regulations. Therefore, it has to be equipped with a vast, complex range of active and passive safety features, which are vital for safeguarding farmers against all types of risks and enabling them to get on with their work in complete safety.

New Holland responds to these requirements with pro-active effort on three fronts: technology, operator comfort and enhanced support and maintenance services.

On the technology front, a key feature is our ABS SuperSteer™ system. This is an ingenious application of ABS technology to tractors, which increases braking safety, while at the same time improving maneuverability and ensuring safe vehicle performance on steep ground.

Among the award winners at Agritechnica 2011, the Intelligent Braking System increases the braking safety of tractors towing trailers, by automatically regulating braking force in proportion to the deceleration of the tractor. This ensures perfect harmonisation of the braking action on the tractor/trailer combination, thus preventing the risk of dangerous jack-knifing of the trailer.

Active StopStart is one of the key safety features of the Auto Command™ continuously variable transmission on New Holland's high horsepower tractors. As soon as the tractor stops, the system prevents any kind of movement, either forward or backward, even when working with heavy loads on steep gradients.

Our combine harvesters and the majority of our high horsepower tractors are also fitted on demand with extended visibility cameras. Connected to the on-board monitor, these transmit images of the rear and sides of the machine, thereby drastically enhancing safety during maneuvers and when working with particularly wide attachments or long trailers.

What's more, New Holland is equipping all its tractors with the Falling Object Protection Systems (FOPS) as standard, to protect the cab and operator against the risk of objects falling from above. This is an everyday risk when working with a front loader or in potentially hazardous areas.

Operator comfort means safety. Driving and operating modern agricultural machines requires total concentration and complete calm, especially in view of the increasingly advanced functions with which these machines are equipped, and the complex operations that they are called upon to perform.

One glance at the cab of a New Holland tractor is enough to show that comfort, ease of use and safety lie at the centre of its design. Just like on the Horizon™cab, all-round visibility is ensured by the use of just 4 cab pillars, fully glazed doors and a glass roof-panel, which facilitates and enhances the safety of front loader operations.

The multiple-award-winning Sidewinder™ armrest and the multi-functional Command Grip™ lever bring together all the tractor's main functions in a logical, ergonomic layout, thus facilitating safe, intuitive operation.

The standard equipment of numerous New Holland models includes air conditioning and climate control, radio with Bluetooth, so that operators can make phone calls without taking their hands off the steering wheel, and a wide range of work lights, including xenon units, which enable farmers to benefit from daytime lighting conditions during night-time operations.

When it comes to the everyday support and maintenance activities that agricultural machines need, New Holland is committed to ensuring maximum operator safety. Almost all daily checks can be carried out from the ground; hoods and guards opening are assisted by gas struts, and the majority of adjustments to harvesters are either fully automated or can be made quickly without tools.

As witness to its commitment, at the recent SIMA show in Paris, New Holland’s BigBaler, the new large square baler range,   was recognised with the Innovation Award for Industry-Leading Safety for the safety equipment. All types of risks associated with maintenance operations have been greatly reduced.  For example, the front shield can only be opened if the baler is completely stationary, the power take-off is switched off and the flywheel brake is ON.

New Holland Agriculture is committed to ensure safety also in the after sales. The Original Parts are the only parts that fully meet the quality requirements essential for the safety and the cost-effective operations of New Holland machines. This is because the engineers who design those parts and supervise their production are the same people responsible for developing the products.

All in all, safeguarding the health and well-being of operators is an absolute priority for New Holland Agriculture, and this positively impacts not only on safety, but also on productivity.