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Irisbus Iveco: in search of the Great River
Irisbus, the Iveco urban and tourist passenger transport company, is sponsoring "In search of the Great River", a research project into food production and topics of gastronomic interest along the Po River, organised by the University of Gastronomic Sciences together with the Slow Food association.
Irisbus Iveco’s part in the project is the supply of three Irisbus Iveco Domino HD tourist buses to provide transport services to the university students taking part in the educational bicycle tour.
The emission levels of the vehicles used is well below the Euro 5 Standard limits, with an environmental performance that is also superior to European EEV (Environmentally-friendly Enhanced Vehicle) specifications, as stated in the 2005/55/EC Directive.
The methane-powered vehicles made available for the “In search of the Great River” scheme are good examples of the wide selection of environmentally friendly buses (from minibuses to18-metre buses) that have been part of the Irisbus Iveco product range for some time.
As well as the CNG models, with their latest-generation natural gas-powered engines – a market segment in which the company is European leader – the Irisbus Iveco ecological range also includes diesel-powered vehicles with emissions conforming to Euro 5 and EEV standards, using SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology, that can also be combined with SCRT (Selective Continuously Regenerating Trap) particulate filters.
The Irisbus Iveco product range also includes electric and hybrid buses. Amongst these there is the parallel hybrid “Ecodriver”, with both electrical and diesel propulsion units that can be used either together or alternatingly, giving excellent performance in terms of environmental respect, reduced consumption and lower customer costs.
Irisbus Iveco has also developed complete alternative urban transportation systems, with the Civis and Cristalis range, a new generation of trolleybuses that combine the benefits of trams with the flexibility of tyre transport, powered by both overhead wires and onboard generators.

Irisbus Iveco : a complete range for passenger transport
Irisbus Iveco is an international group offering a complete and continuously evolving range of buses, designed and constructed to meet all passenger transport requirements. The range also includes new urban transport systems and bus chassis designs specially tailored to local specifications. Thinking today of the transport of tomorrow, with a constant eye to improving the “quality of life” of the community: this is the Irisbus Iveco spirit, resulting in continuous investment in research and innovation for the development of a more sustainable, functional and ecological mobility, for the benefit of transport companies, passengers and the environment alike.
Comfort, accessibility, ergonomics and safety for all passengers are the main goals of the technological mission of Irisbus Iveco, that aims to give maximum satisfaction to bus users. Air conditioning systems, Multiplex information systems, silence, reduced emissions, internal habitability, access for the elderly and disabled and contemporary design; these are just some of the distinctive features of Irisbus Iveco vehicles.

Iveco designs, builds and markets a wide range of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, quarrying/building site vehicles, urban and inter-urban buses and vehicles for special applications such fire prevention, off-road work, defence and civil protection.
With its 24,500 employees, Iveco produces in 28 factories located in 16 countries in different parts of the world, with leading edge technologies developed in 5 research centres. As well as in Europe, the company is also present in China, Russia, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and South Africa. Over 4,600 service points in more than 100 countries guarantee support in all the geographical areas where Iveco vehicles are working.
Turin, 11th September 2007