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Iveco to supply 115 Daily Natural Power to TNT Express Italy

Iveco and TNT Express Italy confirm their commitment to the environment, signing a contract for the delivery of 115 Daily Natural Power vehicles by 2013. The methane gas-powered vehicles will be used by TNT for its express courier activities in the Rome area as well as other parts of Central Italy.

The supply of these vehicles will take place in several stages. The first and most significant delivery of 66 vans is taking place at the Iveco “Romana Diesel “dealership in Rome, the very place where the commercial accord between TNT HDG and Future Service was signed.

TNT’s CEO Uffe Ekstedt and Director of Operations, Joost Bous will take part at the event along with the General Manager for Iveco’s Italian Market, Andrea Bucci.

The Daily Natural Power is an efficient means of transport in terms of performance that is also ecologically and economically competent.

The Natural Power version maintains the same high performance, power and torque of its Diesel counterpart, while allowing for an estimated fuel cost reduction of 40%.
The vehicle also reduces CO2 emissions by 5-8% resulting in a vehicle performance that satisfies and surpasses the limits set by the Euro VI power legislation.

The noise levels are five decibels lower which results in 75% less overall audible perception and improves on-board driver comfort. The “Recovery Mode” option makes it possible to switch the power source to gas, allowing drivers to continue their journey in the event that the methane finishes.

The vehicles are equipped with a new generation ESP (Electronic Stability Program) system which includes an Anti-lock Braking System, Automated System Recovery and Hill Holder technologies. The presence of the ESP system allows for a payload capacity of 90 kilograms more than the Diesel version.

The collective emission reduction for this TNT fleet amounts to 370 tonnes of CO2 per year. This reduction is in line with TNT’s Corporate Sustainability policies which take an active role and approach along with its multi-stakeholders to explore practical solutions to climate change issues.

TNT Express Italy uses 2,900 vans for parcels delivery in Italy. An estimated 63% of these vehicles are Euro IV and V compliant and 18% are Euro III compliant. The company renewed 8% of its fleet in 2011. 

The CEO of TNT Express Italy, Uffe Ekstedt expressed his satisfaction at the event saying, “Iveco and TNT have experienced the successful testing of the European Citylog Project which is concerned with sustainable mobility in delivery transport practices. This commercial accord represents an additional demonstration of a common commitment to the environment and technological innovation.

This deal is an example of our shared commitment with our partners: methane is the best short and mid-term solution for the reduction of harmful emissions and is an effective alternative with regard to the high costs of fuel and transport.”
“This delivery,” explains Enzo Gioachin, Iveco’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, “represents an important milestone for Iveco, a company that has long understood the importance of methane as an alternative power source. The company is a European leader in natural gas powered vehicles which respond to the increasing need for sustainable mobility. One of the principal, longstanding aims of our corporate strategy is to respect the environment: Iveco, has contributed concrete steps in this direction, a fact that is confirmed through Fiat Industrial’s position as a Sector Leader on the Dow Jones Sustainability World and European indexes for the second consecutive year.”

Iveco offers a complete range of natural gas-powered vehicles from the 3.5 tonne Daily Natural Power to the 16 tonne Eurocargo and the 40 tonne Stralis which is available with either Compressed Natural Gas or Liquefied Natural Gas. Over 12,000 natural gas-powered Iveco vehicles are currently in circulation, used by both private businesses and public organizations, 5,000 of which are Daily models, 2,000 are medium and heavy range and 5,000 are buses.