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IVECO FOR YOU – Tales from daily life
Iveco launches the book “IVECO FOR YOU”, twelve stories that recount life as lived by twelve of our clients and the central role played by Iveco products in helping them accomplish their everyday tasks.

Put together by Alberto Alquati, “IVECO FOR YOU” is more than just a photo album. It aims, rather, to be a testament to several of the multifarious activities - from common gestures to the most sophisticated undertakings of professionals - which are brought to fruition each and every day thanks to the crucial input of Iveco vehicles. The volume depicts how Iveco manages to innovate continuously while preserving its day-to-day cutting-edge competitiveness. It does this by showing, through its images, how Iveco transforms the needs and objectives of its customers into its own, in this way ensuring that the accomplishments of one become the success stories of all.

Twelve chapters combine to tell one unique story. Beginning from the area around Verona, where work at a flour mill is made easier by the aid of a Eurocargo, the book moves on to Milan. Here, in the administrative and productive heart of Lombardy, an Iveco Daily is seen operating as a vital ally in the delivery of Christmas gifts through the bustling traffic. Then it’s the turn of the Irisbus, to say nothing of the people who use these vehicles either to reach their daily workplaces or to take an excursion under the shade of the Roman amphitheatre during a warm spring evening in Verona.

The crew of the Brescia Fire Brigade is next up with their Superdragon X8, followed by the fishermen of Santa Margherita accompanied by their Daily. The forests of the Garfagnana then provide a backdrop for the intense labours of the local woodsmen and their Astra HD8. The journey through the pages proceeds to the logistic centre in Bologna, where materials, which up to that point had been transported by rail, reach their final destination only thanks to the loading capacities and powerful wheels of the Stralis.

The eighth chapter tells of a journey to Rumania made by the “Overland for smile” doctors who quite literally donated a smile to Rumanian children in a Eurocargo specially fitted out as a travelling dentist’s studio. Last September the expedition was covered in person by the journalist Toni Capuozzo who narrates his experience in a brief but intense introduction to the chapter.

In the ninth chapter, we find images of an LMV (Light Multirole Vehicle), a full-time AWD armoured car used in Valtellina by civil protection teams who have nicknamed it “Icarus”. A “sculptor” Trakker operating in the Carrara marble quarries takes up the next chapter, while in the eleventh we see yet another Iveco Daily, only this time it is “At Her Majesty’s Service”, delivering packs through the charming English countryside of Cambridge.

The final chapter of the volume is dedicated to Iveco’s sponsoring of the All Blacks. To be sure, Iveco and the New Zealand rugby team are two quite different subject matters, but we are nevertheless driven by the same guiding values: Performance, Commitment, Reliability and Team Spirit. Since early 2007 these commonly shared principles have been intrinsically bound up in a partnership deal which is making heads turn.

“IVECO FOR YOU” can be purchased online at by clicking on the link or in the Triennale bookshops in Milan (the centrally located one is in via Alemagna no. 6 while the Bovisa branch can be found further out of town in via Lambruschini no. 31). All proceeds will go to “Overland for smile” to provide further genuine dental care for children in need in the countries of Eastern Europe.