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Iveco is one of the main sponsors of the 12th International Winter Road Congress, which will be held in Turin and Sestriere from March 27 to 30, with the theme “ guaranteeing mobility in Winter for the road user”. This congress, which is organised by the World Road Association (PIARC), will comprise a congress session and an exhibition of vehicles for snow clearance and ice prevention. Numerous international and government authorities and institutions responsible for managing road infrastructure will be attending, together with the main Winter road maintenance operators from all over the world.
Proceedings will include technical sessions dedicated to infrastructure management strategies, road safety, the environment and technologies, at which a large number of technical and scientific speakers, with experience in different fields, will address all aspects of how mobility can be guaranteed in Winter. Iveco will take an active part in the technical session dedicated to the environment, a topic that the company is particularly sensitive to. “Climate conditions and the environmental performance of low-emission commercial vehicles” is the topic of the paper to be presented by Giovanni Margaria, Iveco External Relations & Communication manager, illustrating the devices that allow SCR and EGR systems to respect Euro 4 and Euro 5 emissions standards even in very low temperatures, with particular reference to nitrogen oxide levels.
“Mobility in Winter is absolutely crucial for anyone who has to guarantee the efficiency of infrastructure for the population and for business,” declared Stefano Sterpone, Iveco Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, who will speak at the concluding session of the congress on Thursday afternoon, “and because it is a manufacturer of commercial vehicles, our company plays a dual role in this context. Our vehicles are both a factor of profitability for the transport industry, and an instrument for the authorities responsible for maintaining the infrastructure, guaranteeing its efficiency and exploitability even in unfavourable climate conditions.”
By participating in the Congress, Iveco is underlining the importance of protecting the environment, from the viewpoint of both the vehicles and the infrastructure, and of safety, achieved as a result of joint action by the authorities, infrastructure managers, vehicle manufacturers with their customers and everyone involved in the transport world.

The World Road Association (PIARC)
PIARC was founded in 1909 to represent the road management authorities of countries around the world. It is the oldest international association dealing with road engineering, road policies and management of road networks, and its goal is to promote the development of road networks and to study the problems of road safety. It represents a focal point for the exchange of road technologies all over the world. PIARC compares and circulates the results of research projects undertaken by various countries in different fields regarding roads themselves as structural elements, and traffic circulation, and considering aspects such as functionality and guarantees for users. PIARC members include 97 national governments, and 2000 group and individual members in 129 countries all over the world, in addition to 850 experts who make up the 18 technical committees.

Iveco is a global company that markets a complete range of commercial vehicles, employing cutting edge technologies to guarantee reliable performance and excellent quality, for the competitiveness of its products and the satisfaction of its customers.
On a global scale, Iveco boasts a modern, varied range of commercial vehicles in all weight classes. Iveco manufactures about 170,000 vehicles a year. Its products range from light, medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles – the Daily, Eurocargo and Stralis – to Trakker quarry and construction site vehicles, Irisbus town and out of town buses and coaches, and special vehicles for applications such as fire-fighting, off-road missions, defence and civil protection.
Iveco has 31,000 employees, and operates 48 plants in 19 different countries. In addition to its European operations, the company is also present in China, India, Russia, Turkey, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and South Africa.
Iveco has 15 research centres which support the development of the technologies that guarantee the excellence of product quality. There are 841 dealers and over 4,500 service centres in more than 100 countries, in addition to competent, skilled technicians who are present in all the geographic areas where an Iveco vehicle is currently working.

Turin, March 27, 2006

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