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Iveco opens new “eco-sustainable” dealership in Brazil

Iveco has inaugurated its 100th, and the first "eco-sustainable", dealership in Brazil, following a four year period which has seen the Iveco network double in size. It marks the first sustainable commercial vehicle dealership in the whole of Brazil and is considered amongst the most ecological in the world.

Opened yesterday, 1 December 2011, the new “Jundiaí Mercalf” dealership is located in Jundiaí, around 80 km from San Paolo. Its geographical position allows it to use solar power, available for much of the day, to produce energy. The building also has a grass roof, with the turf laid over several layers of recycled materials and one layer of asphalt to reduces the internal temperature of the showroom by up to six degrees Celsius, limiting the requirement for air conditioning. The roof is also fitted with special pipes that channel rain water into a tank which can hold up to 15,000 litres.

Additionally, the 18,000 square metre site is covered with a special type of concrete brick which also absorbs rain water.

The building has been designed from the outset to ensure the maximum reduction of waste and the opportunity to reuse materials. Furthermore, the building features a low-rise staircase at the front, with a wheelchair lift and disabled-access bathroom facilities.

This dealership has been inaugurated at a time of rapid expansion for Iveco’s activities in the country. Since 2007, the company has more than doubled its market share, from less than 4% to the more than 9% forecast for the end of this year. Iveco expects to exceed 20,000 units sold in the Brazilian market during 2011: an increase in volume of more than four times that of 2007.

Stimulated by the strong performance in Brazil, Iveco’s total sales in Latin America have tripled, and today account for nearly 30,000 vehicles. This is thanks to the expansion strategy of the sales network into new countries and the introduction of an increasingly modern range of vehicles designed and supported to satisfy customer requirements.