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Barclaycard and Ivecocard
Europe’s leading credit card provider, Barclays Bank, is launching a new credit card in Italy in partnership with Iveco. The new revolving Barclaycard is available for Iveco clients and staff.

The new Iveco Card offers customers simple and flexible full or revolving repayment options with no initial charge and no annual fee.

The card also includes a comprehensive security package, 100% fraud and purchase protection up to delivery and insurance on recently withdrawn cash. It guarantees zero commission on fuel purchases and motorway toll charges.

After at least 3 transactions over the first three months, Iveco Card holders receive a welcome bonus paid directly into their account. Holders are sent a welcome kit and personal statement.

Operating under the Visa logo, Iveco Card is accepted at more than 1 million Italian outlets and more than 22 million worldwide. It is available for Iveco clients from local dealers and offices from June, while company staff can order it online or at exclusive issuing points.