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Iveco and FPT Industrial in Beijing for Auto China 2012
Iveco and FPT Industrial are in Beijing for the “Auto China 2012” International Motor Show, the most important Chinese event in this sector, which runs until 2 May at the China International Exhibition Center.

The two companies are sharing a large exhibition stand with SAIC, partner of their joint ventures in China. This includes Naveco, with two plants in Nanjing for the production of light and medium commercial vehicles and minibuses, SIH (SAIC-Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicles Co. Ltd), located in Chongqing producing heavy vehicles, and SFH (SAIC-Iveco FPT Hongyan).

The large Iveco and FPT presence reaffirms the two companies’ commitment to the Chinese market, with the joint ventures displaying some of their most recent products for passenger and goods transport.

Naveco is exhibiting two PowerDailys, one in the Luxury version and a TurboDaily 4x4 designed to operate as a school bus. It is also presenting the 2012 model of the Yuejin Ouka version K vehicle, a product designed for the medium-high bracket of the light vehicle market. The new Yuejin Ouka K 2012 is a reliable vehicle with a simple and modern style, built primarily to meet the requirements of urban logistics. There are four main features of the K range: high efficiency engines, excellent driveability and a high payload capacity. Plus, the vehicles offer maximum safety, comfort and modern styling.

SIH is presenting the new Genlyon, its top-of-the-range model. This heavy vehicle range is offered in multiple versions: the new 6x4 M100 Logistic Value-added edition tractor, the 6x4 S100 tractor with the first application of the FPT Industrial Cursor 13 engine for the Chinese market and an 8x4 tanker. Finally, a Kingkan 8x4 tipper, the new vehicle of the Classic range, will be displayed. The new Genlyon 6x4 M100 Logistic Value-added edition, which will also go on sale as a chassis cab version, is a vehicle intended for transporting carbon, concrete or dangerous materials. It is equipped with a 380 HP Cursor 9 engine.

FPT Industrial is also presenting the new Cursor 13 engine fitted on the Genlyon 6x4 S100 tractor. The Cursor 13 has a displacement of 12.9 litres, a configuration of 6 cylinders in line and 4 valves per cylinder. The engine complies with the Euro IV emission legislation that will come into force in China in July 2013. The engine is already prepared for all the evolutionary steps in the field of emissions without having to introduce further modifications to the hardware. The redesign of the engine has allowed excellent combustion efficiency to be achieved through the high average pressure in the combustion chamber. Specifically, significant changes to the engine block and cylinder head have been made by increasing the rigidity and cooling capacity.

Compared to the European version, a specific common rail injection system developed and produced in China and able to satisfy all the specific requirements of the Chinese market has been introduced. Thanks to the adoption of a waste gate turbine, the FPT Industrial Cursor 13 engine is able to deliver a maximum power output of 480 HP with a maximum torque of 2200 Nm, which can be further increased due to the robust design principle with which the engine was designed. Its outstanding reliability, best-in-class performance and low running costs (service intervals every 150,000 km) make the new Cursor 13 engine a particularly competitive product on the Chinese market, ideal for top of the range industrial vehicles.

 "The Beijing Motor Show is a major showcase not only for the Chinese market, but also for customers all over the world. Today the Naveco and SIH product ranges, like the new Genlyon 6x4 M100s and Yuejin Oukas, use the most innovative technologies and are suitable for competing on the international markets," commented Alfredo Altavilla, Iveco Managing Director.

"The Chinese market is one of Iveco's priorities, due to the increasing size of the domestic market and because of the opportunities to expand our current product offer and make the best advantage of an important supplier base located around our joint ventures," he added. "One of Iveco's goals over the next five years is to triple joint venture sales in the country with the launch of new products, increasing our production capacity and investments in research and innovation."

In 2011 Iveco sold 143,000 vehicles, roughly 50% of the company's global volumes worldwide, through its two joint ventures in China. The company's presence in China dates back many years. It entered the Chinese market in 1985 through an agreement with NAC (Nanjing Automobile Corporation) for the production under licence of light commercial vehicles. In 1991 the first TurboDaily production line was inaugurated, starting an ambitious investment programme in China. Iveco started a joint venture with NAC in 1996, Naveco, which has contributed to the growth of the transport sector in China by promoting the Iveco brand throughout the Chinese territory.

In 2007 Iveco further strengthened its development strategy in the country and through its cooperation with SAIC, one of the three largest Chinese automotive manufacturers, it became the number one international manufacturer with a complete range of commercial vehicles in China.

Naveco - in which Iveco holds 50% of the shares - offers the Power Daily and the Yuejin range of light and medium vehicles. In the heavy vehicle sector. SAIC-Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle – in which Iveco and SAIC together hold 67% of the shares – is able to offer a complete product range, including both rigid and articulated vehicles. SAIC-Iveco FPT Hongyan was established to produce high-tech, low-emission diesel engines in the Chinese market.