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A minibus for the Diocese of Luxor
Yesterday, Iveco delivered a 19-seat A45.12 Top Orlandi to the Diocese of Luxor which for years has been helping the most needy people in its 22 parishes.
Taking symbolic delivery of the keys of the vehicle from Carlo Audero, Area Manager for Egypt and the Arabian peninsula, was Mons. Joannes Zakaria, Coptic Catholic Bishop of Thebes.
The ceremony took place at the bishop’s palace in Luxor. In attendance were the Italian Consul in Cairo, Fabrizio Saggio, local political and religious authorities, the managers of Iveco’s representative office in Cairo, Omatra the Iveco dealer for Egypt and a number of managers from Iveco’s head office who came over from Italy especially for the occasion.
“This minibus will be extremely useful for our mission”, commented the Bishop. “It will help us to link the 22 parishes of the Diocese of Luxor scattered throughout Upper Egypt and will enable us to take children to school, patients to hospital, the disabled and elderly to Church and to social meetings of all kinds. We had only dreamed of owning such a vehicle and now, thanks to Iveco, this dream has come true”.
“It was only when we met Mons. Zakaria”, Carlo Audero said, “that we realised how much work he has been doing in this area for so many years, helping and supporting the people in order to help build a future for them. Iveco, as a global, multicultural company, as well as a manufacturer of leading edge commercial vehicles, has, for thirty years now, ceaselessly pursued values of respect for man and the environment and is committed to defending and circulating the values of human solidarity”.

Iveco in Egypt
Iveco operates in Africa and in the Middle East in 64 countries through 43 dealers and more than 150 service points. It has representative offices in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, the U.A.E., Ethiopia and Congo.
This is therefore an important commercial growth area for Iveco where more than 1500 lightweight vehicles (3.5-6 t GVW), about 1200 medium vehicles (6-15.99 t GVW) and about 3,500 heavyweights (>= 16 t GVW) are sold every year.
In Egypt, Iveco is based in Cairo and employs about 20 expatriates and locals. They fill a supporting role in the sale and servicing of all products in the Iveco range (commercial vehicles and buses). Since 1998, the importation and distribution of Iveco vehicles has been in the hands of OMATRA (Orient Marketing & Trading Company) which is also Iveco importer for the markets of Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. Iveco had previously also been present through an industrial cooperation arrangement with a public sector company (NASCO/EAMCO).
Last year Omatra imported 166 units to Egypt, mainly medium and heavy vehicles. The range of light commercial vehicles on the market here is that created especially for export with the Daily (produced at Suzzara), the Eurocargo and the Trakker (H versions) produced respectively in Brescia and Madrid.
Egypt is one of the biggest markets in the African area where Iveco has market share exceeding 40% of the total market counting its light vehicles only, which means being in first place compared to the European competition and in second compared to all the others.
The new emerging opportunities are tied to the need to renew the light commercial vehicle park which is rather dated, and improve the passenger transport service, which continues to be of paramount importance.

The Iveco range
As a "full range" manufacturer, Iveco produces vehicles starting from 3 t GVW up to the maximums permissible in the various markets. The Daily range launched in 2002 and marketed with the letters HPI was available in two output levels: from 96 HP (70kW) and 116 HP (85kW). Today the output levels offered by the 2.3 litre engine in the HPT version have been extended to 136 HP (100kW) with a peak torque of 320 Nm. The 2.3 HPT engine is slated for various duties, on vans with single rear wheels of the L and S classes, or the lightened chassis with twin wheels for camper outfits. On these vehicles, this engine makes it possible to improve performance without sacrificing tare weight, an extremely important factor given its particular missions. The 3.0 litre engine presented in the autumn of 2004 was designed for intensive duties and high loads. The 3.0 HPI comes in 136 HP, 136 HP Euro 4 and 166 HP versions. Since 2004 all 2.3 litre HPI engines have been fitted with automatic gearboxes. Extremely agile, today it is available with both the 3.0 HPI and HPT engines as well as the new 2.3 HPT. A new model is the Daily S17 HPT van, equipped with a 3.0 HPT 166 HP engine earmarked for fast delivery services where route and average commercial speed are very important.
There follow the Eurocargo mediums, 16 basic models from 6 to 19 t with seven 4 and 6 cylinder Tector engines, 5, 6 and 9 ratio gearboxes in addition to an Allison MD 3060P automatic transmission.
Positioned between the road-going light and heavyweights, the Eurocargo basically targets the distribution and short-range transport sector. The wealth of the range means an extremely diversified offer in terms of volumes and payloads and is definitely one of the reasons for its success. The other trump cards are the ease with which they can be outfitted, the low running costs, the quality of the product and driving comfort. The Eurocargo range, European leader in medium transport (from 6.5 to 19 tonnes) has been extended over the past year with 3 new models in the higher GVW segments and in the 4x4 range.
The Eurocargo 140E and 160E, the EUROCARGO 190EL (specifically destined for the markets of France and the Benelux). The EUROCARGO 4x4 fitted with a new short cab (in the following power units: 10 t 100E and 180 and 210 HP Tector engines, 14 t 140E with 180 and 240 HP Tector engines) is also available in a further three cab variants: long with 1 or 2 bunks and standard or medium roof, and also crew cab with 4 doors and 6/7 seats.

The Eurocargo for Extra-EU countries
Iveco’s medium range has also been renewed for the company’s traditional Export markets. In the course of 2005 marketing of the specific new Eurocargo range whose leader model is the ML150E21H/24H with double reduction rear axle and reinforced frame, available with short or long cab and with a 6 or 9 speed gearbox, began in the countries of the African and Middle East Area. The other 4x2 models but with simple reduction rear axle are: 90E18, 120E18, 120E21 again with the same cab and gearbox options. The 4x4 versions complete the range with the models 100E21, 140E18W / 24W short cab, 6 speed gearboxes.
Pride of place in the Stralis heavy duty range is the ES version (range topping engines: 480 HP and 540 HP Cursor 13), which fits the new safety devices Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Lane Departure Warning System to warn the driver if a drop in attention on his part might take him off the road.
The Stralis range offers fully 4 cabs. In addition to the ES we have the AS, AT and AD cabs. The Active Space cab (AS) offers high comfort and safety standards while driving and during rest periods thanks to the flat floor, raised roof and the various modular outfit proposals based on the vehicle’s mission.
The AT and AD models feature a multi-purpose cab which is narrower and available in a short AD (Active Day) or profound AT (Active Time) version with a standard or raised roof.
As for the power units, the range starts from the Cursor 8 (270, 310, 350 HP), continues with the Cursor 10 (400, 430) to arrive at the Cursor 13 (480 and 540 HP) engines. Thanks to the adoption of VGT turbines, torque is generous and constant and guarantees excellent driveability.
Finally, the new Trakker construction site vehicles replaced the EuroTrakker range in 2004. The main modifications regard the adoption of the AT/AD cabs and new cab suspensions which granted these construction vehicles a level of comfort comparable to that of the road-going Stralis. Cabins and suspension systems were appropriately adapted for use in quarries and construction sites.

Trakkers for Extra-EU countries
To better respond to the demands of customers who most certainly differ widely in this sector depending on markets, a specific Trakker has been developed with simplified features. The mechanical part (axles, rear axles, mechanical gearbox) has been borrowed from the tried and tested Eurotrakker range on which a 380 or 420 HP Cursor 13 engine was grafted with intercooler, turbo and wastegate valve. To make maintenance and repair operations easier, electric systems and dashboards of traditional type were retained.
This specific range will make it possible to consolidate past successes and win new ones as happened in the case of the Eurotrakker range with 8210 engine on the markets of Africa and the Middle East, just as in the regions of Russia beyond the Urals, and Turkey.

Iveco designs, manufactures, and sales a broad range of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, off-road trucks, city and intercity buses and coaches as well as special vehicles for applications such as fire fighting, off-road missions, civil defence and protection.
Iveco employs 32,000 people and runs 49 production units in 19 Countries in the world using excellent technologies developed in 15 research centres. Besides Europe, the company operates in China, India, Russia, Turkey, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, and South Africa. More than 4,500 service outlets in over 100 Countries guarantee technical support wherever in the world an Iveco vehicle is at work.

Turin, 8 March 2006

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