Press Releases

Agreement between Iveco and BAE Systems
Iveco, a Fiat Industrial company, together with BAE Systems will participate in a tender for the supply of Marine Personnel Carrier (MPC) vehicles to the prestigious U.S. Marine Corps. The new vehicle is an amphibious armoured troop transporter of around 27 tons gross mass that can carry up to 12 soldiers that is being developed based on the Superav 8x8, presented to the Italian Armed Forces in 2010 for the national landing forces. The supply programme is for some 600 vehicles.

The project is being developed by Iveco Defence Vehicles, the specialist Iveco unit for the production and marketing of vehicles for defence and civil protection, that has its headquarters in Bolzano. Bolzano is also the home of the Lince, the flagship Iveco Light Multi Role armoured vehicle already supplied to the Italian Armed Forces and to the armies of nine other European countries and of the new medium armoured vehicle, the Freccia.

The technological excellence of Iveco Defence Vehicles is widely recognised in the defence industry and is the basis of its strong and growing international recognition in recent years, in particular by leveraging the ability to combine excellent mobility with the most advanced standards of occupant protection solutions.

This has now led to the signing of the collaboration with a world leader in the defence and global security sector, BAE Systems, to participate in this important supply tender in the USA.

To meet the requirements of the tender, Iveco Defence Vehicles and BAE Systems will combine their technological expertise to create a vehicle that meets the specific needs of the U.S. Marine Corps, with outstanding flexibility of use, excellent mobility, ability to operate effectively in an environment where land is difficult to traverse and in amphibious landing scenarios, and ensuring maximum protection against landmines and explosive devices.