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New Daily Hi-Matic 8 speed automatic gearbox: the absolute driving pleasure

Iveco in Brussels for two Shows “European Motor” and “Truck &Transport”.

The New Daily Hi-Matic with the class exclusive 8-speed automatic transmission makes its show début at the 93rd European Motor Show in Brussels. The European Motor show is taking place at the Brussels Expo (Hall 7) from 16 – 25 January 2015. This year it is dedicated to light-duty commercial vehicles and leisure vehicles.
Iveco has reserved over 1,000 square metres of exhibition space for a stand that boasts its light-duty range. Seven New Daily vehicles are on display, including the New Daily Hi-Matic, also available for test drives in an outdoor area at the show, and one Daily Natural Power powered by compressed natural gas (CNG).

New Daily Hi-Matic: the absolute driving pleasure

The New Daily Hi-Matic makes its first international appearance in Brussels. Its 8-speed automatic transmission, already implemented by the world’s most reputed automotive brands, establishes elevated standard of versatility, efficiency and cost while guaranteeing maximum driver comfort.     The new gearbox generation, with the ergonomic multifunctional shift lever, is designed to provide an absolute driving pleasure and to allow the driver to be fully focused on the traffic and driving conditions.  

The vehicle ensures an outstanding fuel economy thanks to a choice of Eco or Power modes. Eco mode, during which smooth and low speed gear changes are carried out to emphasise comfort by reducing consumption to a minimum, and Power mode, through which the transmission carries out quicker gear changes at higher speeds, ensuring a precise engagement of the gears for an enhanced driving performance.
Perfectly fits for the daily work, with the self-adaptive shift strategy, the new gearbox engages smoothly the correct gear in less than 200 milliseconds. With the widest ratio spread, the engine will always be in the optimal speed.
Maintenance and repair costs are also reduced by 10% with respect to the manual gearbox. Designed with durability in mind, the new Daily design solutions protect the engine and transmission to ensure less maintenance. 
The vehicle is best in class in terms of performance: with an extra wide range of engines available, two displacements 2.3 lt and 3.0 lt, from 106 up to 205 hp and from 270 to 470 Nm of torque, matching with the record gross vehicle weight of 7,2t.
The New Daily Hi-Matic makes the most of towing with capacity for up to 3,500 kg, ensuring optimal reaction when moving off from an uphill position, thanks the pairing of the Hill Holder system (the anti-reverse system for departures that prevents vehicles from rolling back from hill-based positions), offered as standard on the New Daily.

New Daily Hi-Matic Urban, Regional and International: ready to accomplish any mission

The New Daily Hi-Matic product family makes its first international appearance in three different versions varying according to the mission type: Urban, Regional and International.
The New Daily Hi-Matic Urban is perfect for those who have to face urban traffic on a daily basis and it guarantees maximum drivability and comfort, thanks to the self-adaptive shifting strategy that adjusts the gear shifting control logic, choosing between 20 different programs.
Those who need maximum vehicle flexibility will find the ideal companion in the New Daily Hi-Matic Regional, which is able to offer outstanding performance and Eco and Power modes, to maximise driving pleasure. 
Those who must face long distances and are looking for a comfortable and reliable partner can count on the New Daily Hi-Matic International. This top performing vehicle features outstanding driving comfort. The double overdrive gear ratio and turbine-torsional-damper torque converter guarantee improved fuel efficiency.

The New Daily in brief

The New Daily is an entirely revamped vehicle, at the top of its class in terms of cargo volume and capacity, car-like comfort and driveability, and even lower fuel consumption. In short, these are the main characteristics of the third-generation of Iveco’s light-duty commercial vehicle, with 80% of its parts having been entirely renewed.
Two vehicles in one for the best Daily ever: this is the underlying concept relaying a perfect balance between its extraordinary set of assets, not only preserved but also enhanced, and Iveco’s drive towards technological innovation. The working companion of choice for transport professionals, the new vehicle is presented as being convenient and practical to use as a light van, whilst continuing to offer the maximum reliability, efficiency and versatility that have always made the Daily a reference point for the sector.

The New Daily keeps its classic chassis structure; an integral part of its DNA, ensuring strength, versatility and durability over time, as well as recognised bodybuilding flexibility (for the chassis cab versions). The third generation of the Daily is also strongly focused on business needs, and allows for a significant reduction in fuel consumption compared to the previous model, with a notable improvement in the total cost of ownership of the vehicle, together with best in class performance and a wide range of engines, transmissions and axle ratios.

But that is not all: the comfort of the vehicle has also been greatly improved. The driver of the New Daily can benefit from a more comfortable and quieter interior compartment that guarantees the driving position and sensations typical of a premium automobile, as well as a multitude of closed and open storage compartments.
The New Daily presents important technological content that aims to save fuel: fuel savings equate to 5.5% on average, based on the different vehicle versions, but may be additionally increased up to 14% with EcoPack (which includes Start & Stop) on urban missions. The aerodynamics have been improved, especially on the van versions, and the drag coefficient (Cx) has been reduced by 6% (from 0.335 to 0.316).

The New Daily was recently honoured with the “International Van of the Year 2015” title. This prestigious international recognition is bestowed by a jury composed of 23 journalists from the most important sector-specific European magazines. The award is conferred on an annual basis, presented to a vehicle that, according to the panel of judges, “has made the greatest contribution to the standards of efficiency and the sustainability of transport of goods by road with respect to environment and safety of people”. In the words of Jarlath Sweeney, Chairman International Van of the Year: “In the most competitive year ever, the New Iveco Daily was the number one choice of the 23 members of the jury, representing the top commercial vehicle publications across Europe and Russia”.

The New Daily Natural Power

The New Daily Natural Power, powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), has the same strong points as the Diesel version in terms of torque, payload and driveability, guaranteeing low cost of fuel and reduced noise. The ladder frame chassis not only makes the New Daily the preferred vehicle for bodybuilders, providing them with robustness and the ability to support heavy loads, but much more. As a result of the way in which the cylinders are mounted on the Natural Power model, there is no reduction in load space or to the flexibility offered to bodybuilders. The cutting edge technologies applied to the New Daily play an important role in sustainable mobility in favour of the customer as well, underscoring Iveco's commitments to respecting the environment with an offering of vehicles powered by alternative fuels.

Truck & Transport Show: Iveco brings the top of its medium and heavy-duty range
Iveco is also taking part at “Truck & Transport”, the annual heavy-duty commercial vehicle show held in conjunction with the 93rd European Motor Show in Brussels. Geared toward industry professionals, the show will take place from 16 – 19 January at the Brussels Expo (Hall 11).

The Iveco stand offers visitors an overview of the outstanding products in the company's medium and heavy-duty range: three heavy-duty Stralis trucks, one of which is powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG), two medium-duty vehicles, a Eurocargo and two Trakkers, one of which bears the colours of the Iveco vehicle participating in Dakar 2015 rally.

At the very same time that this show is taking place, Team Petronas De Rooy Iveco are battling it out in South America at the challenging 37th edition ofthe Dakar, the world’s most famous rally. Among the team vehicles that have been put to the test in these extreme conditions is the Trakker.
The Trakker is an off-road quarry-site vehicle, with a new cab designed to improve riding and on-board comfort, elements which are recognised today as essential for the productivity and safety of a vehicle. The vehicle is capable of operating on difficult, bumpy terrain, like the surfaces the drivers will need to navigate in South America. The vehicles rely on FPT Industrial's Cursor engines, which ensure power and reliability. Its main characteristic is its sturdiness: each individual component, starting from the high-yield steel chassis, guarantees long lasting performance. It represents a “Best in Class” for its day-to-day use, but also in more challenging environments, having been designed to function in all weather conditions and on all types of terrain, from dirt roads to extreme off-road trails, with the maximum comfort, safety and output.

Three Iveco Stralis trucks are on display at the Brussels Truck & Transport show to represent the heavy-duty on-road range. These latest generation vehicles are distinguished for their efficiency, quality and the value they provide costumers, thus making for an excellent option that is also extremely competitive for the heavy transport sector.

In terms of sustainable mobility requirements, the Stralis Natural Power Euro VI on the stand is an excellent option. Powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG), this vehicle in Iveco's heavy-duty range offers a driving range of over 750 km. The AT440S33T/P LNG tractor, in standard configuration, is equipped with four 70-litre CNG tanks and an LNG cryogenic tank of 510 litres. Natural gas is stored in the liquid state at -130°C and at 10 bar pressure, which is converted into its gaseous state before being injected into the engine.
There are many advantages to using this type of vehicle, both from the point of view of environmental sustainability and profitability for customers. Indeed, in terms of emissions, natural gas engines are much more environmentally friendly than their Diesel Euro VI counterparts. Natural gas is absolutely a clean fuel thanks to its emissions of particulate (-95% in comparison to Diesel) and NOx (-35%) that have been slashed to a bare minimum. Moreover, we have a more silent vehicle with an average decrease of 5 Decibel in comparison to its Diesel alternative, making it perfect for tasks such as waste collection and nightly distribution.
From an economic sustainability standpoint, the vehicle generates Total Cost of Ownership savings of up to 10%. Natural gas is also markedly less expensive than diesel, since it enables fuel costs to be reduced by up to 40%.

For the medium range, Iveco exhibits two Eurocargo Euro VI trucks, a medium range vehicle with numerous achievements, reinforced by reliability and flexibility, making it a multi-purpose vehicle that can be adapted for every mission type.
Europe’s favourite “medium range”, a veritable icon in its segment for its versatility, sets another record today by combining leading innovation with superior power and optimised fuel efficiency through the exclusive HI-SCR technology, patented by FPT Industrial. This innovative after treatment system reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by over 95% without altering the combustion process, without the requirement of an auxiliary cooling system and without affecting the vehicle’s architecture and costs. Because it does not require an EGR system with auxiliary cooling, HI-SCR has much less complex architecture combined with lower costs.

The new Tector 5 and 7 Euro VI engines are the only ones in this segment to offer HI-SCR technology thereby positioning themselves at the top of their category, supplying elevated and consistent performance.   The introduction of these innovative new features has had a positive effect on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership - the cost of managing the vehicle), Iveco's main “focus” when designing the new Eurocargo Euro VI. For the average vehicle carrying out varied missions which will alternate between urban, intra-urban and motorway travel, the efficiency of the HI-SCR system allows drivers to maintain the equivalent consumption (diesel + Urea) with respect to a Euro V vehicle. The HI-SCR system technology provides improved performance on inter-urban missions, with a 2% reduction in fuel consumption.