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Iveco launches the New Stralis XP: ​The long haulage TCO2 Champion.

The New Stralis XP is the most reliable and fuel efficient truck available on the market and provides the most comprehensive solution for long-haul transport in a package that integrates product and services designed to reduce TCO and CO2.

The perfect long haulage vehicle at the leading edge of technology, the New Stralis XP bristles with fuel-efficiency boosting features and services that ensure the highest levels of reliability and profitability for transport businesses. With fuel savings of up to 11% and an impressive TCO reduction of up to 5.6% in long-distance transport operations, it is the long haulage TCO2 Champion.

Iveco launches the New Stralis XP, the most reliable and fuel efficient truck available on the market, was developed specifically to meet the requirements of the international long-distance transport business and provide the best solution in efficiency, sustainability and Total Cost of Ownership.

The New Stralis XP builds on the solid foundation of the Stralis Hi-Way, launched in 2012 and crowned “International Truck of the Year 2013”. It carries over the best of its predecessor, and in particular the Hi-Way cab, which is very well appreciated by customers, Iveco’s unique HI-SCR Euro VI solution that requires no regeneration and preserves the long-term value of engine and vehicle, and the excellent quality and reliability of the previous range.

The completely renewed driveline, the new electric and electronic systems, new best-in-class transmission, rear axle and a rear suspension, the re-engineered engine, the proven HI-SCR technology, and the latest-generation GPS predictive functions, are perfectly integrated with a host of new and innovative fuel saving features and a unique range of services designed by Iveco to maximise reliability and reduce CO2 and TCO.

All the improvements and new features generate fuel savings of up to 11%, while the new services add further savings of up to 3%. Altogether, product features and services on the Stralis XP work together to reduce TCO in long-haul missions by an impressive 5.6%.

Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President, commented: “The New Stralis XP is a truck at the leading edge of technology that delivers an extraordinary TCO and CO2 performance. It is the perfect truck for long haulage operators: from their vehicles they want no stoppages, no troubles, no downtime and low TCO. With our unique approach that integrates perfectly product and services, we developed a vehicle of outstanding reliability and fuel economy that comes with our uptime guarantee and a whole range of new services to help them manage their fleets efficiently. The New Stralis XP is a true TCO2 Champion born to run on all European motorways.”

TCO-Reducing features and Service: the most comprehensive Business Solution The New Stralis XP bristles with fuel-efficiency features offered as standard. They include Smart Auxiliaries that automatically disconnect or go into energy-saving mode when they are not needed. Iveco’s predictive GPS-based Hi-Cruise system controls driving assistance functions such as eco-roll, gearshifting and cruise control. Together with the new 12-speed HI-TRONIX automated transmission, the EcoSwitch speed and torque limiter, the optimised rear-axle ratio and low-rolling resistance eco-tyres developed by Michelin, all these features deliver the best combination of efficiency and safety. Additional fuel savings derive from the adoption of the longer rear axle 2.47 that allows downspeeding and translates into a 7% reduction in engine rev speed.

The New Stralis 480XP and 570XP, designed for extra-long haul missions, feature the innovative Smart EGR, which works in combination with Iveco’s patented HI-SCR after-treatment system to optmise combustion, resulting in significant fuel savings on long distances. This solution harnesses a small amount of exhaust re-circulation – just 8% - to allow an earlier start of injection. The result is greater fuel economy while maintaining the high 97% tailpipe NOx converion delivered by the HI-SCR system and all the benefits of this technology: regeneration free, no impact on radiator size, no extra maintenance, and the longest service intervals bringing a further fuel and TCO reduction to the customer. With this solution, Iveco and its engine development partner FPT Industrial once again prove their long-established leadership in fuel efficiency tecnhology.

Iveco’s new generation services, which are included in the TCO2 LIVE modular program, are offered as standard on the New Stralis XP. They include TCO2 Smart Report, a detailed report on the fuel consumption of each vehicle of the fleet that is automatically e-mailed to the Customer every week, and TCO2 Advising Fuel efficiency advice based on the wealth of knowledge we have collected with our real-life truck analysis. Both can be integrated with the TCO2 Driving courses provided by specialized Iveco trainers. These new service can generate further savings of up to 3%.

In addition, the New Stralis XP come with the exclusive Uptime Guarantee, an all-new formula that protects the customer against technical inconveniences and gets the vehicle back on the road in the shortest possible time – no more than 24 hours – in case of breakdown, carrying out repairs at the nearest Iveco Truck Station. In preparation for the launch of the New Stralis XP, Iveco has been deploying its Truck Stations along all the main European transport corridors to deliver its Uptime Guarantee commitment.