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IVECO makes history at IAA 2018 with its Low Emission Area

​​​​​​​​​​​​​100% Diesel Free stand and showcases a full offering of alternative Electric, CNG and LNG traction vehicles.

On its 100% Diesel Free stand IVECO presents its solution to sustainable and zero emissions transport – available on the markets today - with its current commercial alternative powertrains offering and its long-term vision, in collaboration with customers, partners and bodybuilders.

IVECO is displaying 18 vehicles showcasing its sustainable solutions that range from electric city buses to long-haul LNG trucks: a complete offering covering the requirements of every business and every mission that includes many award-winning vehicles, such as the Daily Blue Power ‘Van of the Year’ 2018, the Crealis In-Motion-Charging ‘Sustainable Bus of the Year’ 2019 and winner of the European Mobility Exhibition Innovation Award, the Crossway LE NP ‘Sustainable Bus of the Year’ 2018, and the Stralis NP 460 ‘Low Carbon Truck of the Year’’ 2018.

IVECO is also celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Daily, commemorating the vehicle’s long history of success with a Limited Edition personalised with a specially created design.

IVECO is making history at the 67th edition of the IAA Commercial Vehicles (IAA), the most important international event in the commercial vehicle industry. It is showcasing its full commercial offering of alternative traction vehicles on a 100% Diesel Free indoor stand, creating a Low Emission Area at the exhibition. It is also hosting a dedicated Round Table focused on “The energy transition towards a sustainable future” and workshop events in collaboration with industry experts, customers and technical partners, to discuss the energy transition and related topics.

Pierre Lahutte, IVECO Brand President, commented at the press conference held today on the stand: “IVECO is the first manufacturer in the history of the IAA to present a stand without a single Diesel Engine – neither on the vehicles or their bodies. The transport industry is changing, as the pressure on Diesel mounts and the energy transition gains momentum. Our display demonstrates that IVECO’s Electric, CNG and LNG offering is available today and offers a viable alternative to Diesel vehicles in all missions – from urban high-value, low energy intensity people transport to long-distance heavy-duty haulage. In addition, natural gas offers the possibility for a seamless transition to biomethane and renewable energy, achieving zero emissions and opening the door to a circular economy approach that can go so far as achieving negative emissions and carbon sequestration.

Also present on the stand, and speaking at the press conference, is global energy supplier Shell, which shares IVECO’s belief that de-carbonisation of the transport sector requires a range of fuels and technologies. As part of their collaboration with the brand to promote the development of the electric and natural gas refuelling networks in Germany, Shell is also displaying on the stand a CNG/LNG filling station and an electric charging station.

IVECO’s display at the IAA 2018 shows its solution to sustainable transport, with an energy mix that matches the requirements of the different missions. It sees electric propulsion as having an important role to play, especially in high-value missions such as people transport – particularly in low speed, low energy intensity stop-and-go missions in city centres. The other key energy source is natural gas, which provides a mature solution for sustainable transport of people and goods. Through its display and workshops, IVECO is highlighting the considerable environmental advantage of natural gas, which is able to deliver massive reductions in the most polluting emissions: 90% for NO2, 99% for particulate matter, 10% for CO2 with natural gas which rises as high as 95% with biomethane well to wheel.

A circular economy based on the generation of energy from organic or agricultural waste is possible with biomethane. This can be done at an organic waste treatment centre, which generates natural gas and fertiliser from door-to-door collection, green waste, institutional catering and municipal waste. This approach can be taken even further, when methane is generated in a biodigester on a farm, using crops and agricultural waste. As they grow, the crops absorb CO2 and convert it into carbohydrates, fixing the Carbon and releasing Oxygen into the atmosphere. In the farm’s biodigester, the crop residues decompose through an anaerobic digestion process, producing biogas. This is purified into biomethane, which can be transported to filling stations and used to fuel natural gas powered vehicles for goods transport.
This process also produces a nutrient-rich substance that is used as a fertiliser compost, returning nutrients to the land, increasing its organic matter content and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. As a result, this circular economy approach goes beyond reducing CO2 emissions well to wheel, as it fixes carbon in the ground, reducing CO2 in the air and making the cycle carbon negative.

Visitors to the IVECO stand will be able to see that this circular economy is already a reality, with the examples of the city of Lille, which operates a fleet of IVECO CNG buses fuelled with biomethane generated from municipal waste; the project led by Pot au Pin, Air Liquide and Carrefour based on biomethane from agricultural waste; and the opening of the world’s largest biogas plant in Norway by Biokraft.

Through its presence at the exhibition, IVECO aims to promote the use of sustainable technologies. In addition to the vehicle display itself and the various events it is hosting, it has dedicated an Educational Area on the stand to informative panels and videos on four key themes: ‘Gas and biogas - the sustainable transport solution today and tomorrow’; ‘Our contribution to CO2 reduction’; ‘Sustainable solutions for fleet management’ in collaboration with technological partner Michelin; and TCO, efficiency and productivity’.

IVECO at IAA: a 100% Diesel Free stand with 18 vehicles to showcase a complete sustainable offering covering every business and every mission

The 100% Diesel Free stand, with its display, highlights IVECO’s approach to sustainable transport, which matches the technology and energy source to the requirements of the mission.

For city centre public transport, the stand showcases the brand’s electric solutions: the zero-emissions Daily Electric Minibus, part of the Daily Blue Power sustainable family that was crowned “International Van of the Year 2018”, which offers the perfect solution for transport in the typical last mile, stop-and-go city centre missions; the Heuliez Bus GX ELEC fully electric city bus featuring the most advanced battery technology; and the new generation of IVECO BUS Crealis In-Motion-Charging, which combines the electric overhead lines with on-board battery energy storage and in-motion charging, and won the Sustainable Bus of the Year 2019 title in the Urban category and the Innovation Award in the Move Green Energy-Environment category at the European 2018 Mobility Exhibition in Paris.

For suburban public transport, CNG is the solution on display, with the IVECO BUSCrossway Low Entry Natural Power, Sustainable Bus of the Year 2018, which stands out for its design with the tanks integrated into the roof space and autonomy up to 600 km.

For urban and suburban goods transport, IVECO is showing different models of Daily Natural Power, also part of the Daily Blue Power family – four of them featuring the class-exclusive Hi-Matic transmission. The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power is the first Light Commercial Vehicle equipped with a 3.0 litre CNG engine with an 8-speed automatic gearbox in the industry.
The models on display showcase the wide variety of missions the Daily Blue Power family can cover with its extensive offering: a chassis cab equipped with a Lecapitaine refrigerated box for the rental fleet of Le Petit Forestier, the European leader in refrigeration rental; a 7 tonne chassis cab equipped with a Junge platform and curtainsider; a chassis cab equipped by Fassi with a Maxicargo tipper trailer and crane for Ville de Paris; a van equipped with a Kerstner deep cooling fridge in the 40th Anniversary Limited Edition livery and a van equipped for parcel deliveries by Spier with a personalisation designed by Garage Italia Custom to commemorate the Daily’s anniversary.

For urban and regional transport missions, CNG is the technology that meets the combine requirements of efficient transport across longer distances and deliveries in city centres. IVECO is showcasing two Eurocargo focused on municipal applications, both in CNG version and already compliant with EURO VI Step D emissions standards, one year ahead of time. One of the models on display is equipped with a 3-way tipper by Meiller.
The second model on display is the result of IVECO’s collaboration with a technological partner to address the emissions of both truck and body: it is equipped with a sweeper body developed by Johnston Engineering that combines the truck’s CNG engine with a hydrostatic transmission, achieving a dramatic reduction in emissions compared to a traditional truck-mounted sweeper, which usually adds a second diesel engine, which is less regulated or even unregulated, to run the sweeping equipment.

IVECO also partnered with Carrier Transicold for an industry first: the brand new 26-tonne 400 hp Stralis NP rigid equipped with a Frappa body and featuring Carrier Supra® CNG technology. This groundbreaking solution is a 100% Natural Gas, 0 % Diesel, 100% Simple truck with refrigerated body. Contrary to standard trucks for temperature-controlled goods transport, which have two diesel engines - one to power the truck and one to run the cooling group compressor which is far less regulated - this Stralis NP only uses Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Both the vehicle and the cooling group run on Stoichiometric natural gas engines equipped with 3-way catalysts. This results in ultra-low NO2 (-90% compared to diesel) and Particulate Matter (-99%) emissions that are well below regulations limits. For CO2 emissions, the reduction is as much as 95% with biomethane.

For long-distance missions, IVECO’s solution is LNG technology. In this sector, it leads the way with the Stralis NP, the first natural gas truck specifically designed for long-haul transport on the market, and in particular with the Stralis NP 460, which last December was elected Low Carbon Truck of the Year in the UK. IVECO is showcasing this offering with models in articulated and rigid versions, including AD and low tractor trucks.

Also in this sector, IVECO is presenting another industry first resulting from an important partnership: the unique 400 hp Stralis X-Way Natural Power equipped with a CIFA electric concrete mixer that offers a 100% zero Diesel, zero oil solution. The truck runs on bioCNG and is equipped with the Energya hybrid plug-in concrete mixer developed by CIFA. The mixer is operated by an electric engine powered by a lithium battery. It also features a Kinetic Energy Recovery System that recovers the truck’s energy when it is decelerating.

The other Stralis NP models on the stand include the first 460 hp LNG truck for swap body missions equipped by SDG / Spier for Fraikin’s rental fleet; the first 6x2 LNG tractor with 750 km autonomy, a 4x2 LNG tractor with 1,600 km autonomy, and a low tractor in LNG version with 1,150 km autonomy.

All the vehicles on display in the 100% Diesel Free - Low Emissions Area are a tangible demonstration that IVECO and its partners are delivering on the promise to deliver sustainable transport and solutions.