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IVECO launches new IVECO S-WAY: the 100% connected, driver-centric long-haul truck

​The on-road IVECO S-WAY is the first vehicle in the new IVECO WAY heavy range, developed to deliver a complete package of features and services focused on the driver, on sustainability and on an advanced level of connectivity-enabling new customised services.

The IVECO S-WAY was launched at a global event held in Madrid, involving global leader partners Amazon, Shell and Microsoft.

IVECO presented today its new IVECO S-WAY heavy vehicle for on-road missions in a milestone Convention held at the IFEMA exhibition centre in Madrid, Spain, to its dealer network, its sales people, customers and the representatives of the international press.

Hubertus Mühlhäuser, Chief Executive Officer of CNH Industrial, presented the strategic outlook and vision of CNH Industrial at the event, which was opened by Gerrit Marx, President Commercial and Specialty Vehicles. Also invited to speak were representatives of the brand’s global leader partners Amazon, Shell and Microsoft, companies known for generating ‘creative disruption’ through their innovations.

At the event, Hubertus Mühlhäuser, CNH Industrial CEO, commented: “Within CNH Industrial, IVECO is part of something bigger and uses the synergies within the Group. This new flagship Heavy Duty Truck is not only an achievement for the IVECO brand, it is also an important milestone for CNH Industrial as a whole.

With this launch, the brand is introducing its new IVECO WAY heavy range that marks a strong shift towards providing customers with an integrated transport solution, economically and environmentally sustainable, in which the services around the product become more important than the product itself.
In his speech, Gerrit Marx explained: “We want to become the Easiest-to-work-and-innovate-with Truck OEM for our suppliers and customers, while tailoring our vehicles around a Driver´s life, which today is more than just the route he travels. Sustainability also entails our responsibility to make this job, which is crucial for our society, a more attractive and enjoyable one… which goes beyond just adding leather and wood applications.

IVECO S-WAY: the IVECO heavy truck for the next decade
The IVECO S-WAY carries over all the advances introduced in the previous generations and adds a new cab entirely redesigned around the driver’s and the owner’s needs. In the face of fierce competition, logistics operators need top-level uptime, efficiency and productivity from their fleets. The new IVECO S-WAY perfectly meets this requirement, providing a complete package of features and services without equal, developed with focus on driver centricity, sustainability and a new, extended level of connectivity aimed at reducing Total Cost of Ownership.
It is more than a product: it offers a business model that covers the vehicle’s entire life cycle and helps IVECO’s customers to meet their own customers’ requirements.

The driver-centric design of the new cab provides first-rate living and working conditions with a spacious environment, outstanding driving ergonomics, and a well-planned layout that combines functionality with comfort. The design also addresses driver safety with the reinforced structure (ECE R29.03 cab crash compliant) and much improved visibility all around and in all conditions.

In redesigning the cab from the ground up, IVECO has taken every opportunity to deliver cost savings and productivity gains to the benefit of the owner’s profitability. The new design optimises aerodynamic performance, further increasing the vehicle’s excellent fuel efficiency by up to 4%.
Also contributing to the low Total Cost of Ownership are design features such as the multi-piece bumper that dramatically reduces repair costs, as only the affected part needs to be replaced in the event of damage.

IVECO S-WAY: the 100% connected truck
The new, advanced Connectivity Box in the IVECO S-WAY is a powerful connectivity enabler and true game-changer. It collects, processes and exchanges data in real time. It works off a service platform developed in partnership with Microsoft that provides safe data storage and management, and many value-added services. Owners and drivers are constantly connected with the vehicle on their mobile device or PC through the user-friendly MyIVECO portal and app.

The IVECO S-WAY uses connectivity to enhance the driver’s life on board, providing a superior driving experience with advanced driver assistance and driving style features combined with services developed to help them operate effortlessly and efficiently, accessed through the user-friendly MyIVECO EASY Way App.

The IVECO S-WAY’s advanced connectivity has also been developed to help logistics operators to ensure their businesses’ profitability by maximising the vehicle’s uptime, providing a consistent and predictive service with My IVECO Way Solutions, and delivering low Total Cost of Ownership.

It also unlocks a new modular offer of premium personalised services, including professional fuel advising, fleet management and maintenance, to optimise the fleet’s performance and efficiency.

IVECO S-WAY: the sustainable truck
The new IVECO S-WAY builds on the outstanding sustainable performance of the brand’s heavy line, achieving further reductions in PM, NOx and CO2 emissions. True to its heritage, it combines low TCO with low emissions. This is achieved with the exclusive HI-SCR after-treatment system and through the exceptional fuel efficiency resulting from the advanced engine technology and Hi-Tronix transmission, and the multiple fuel-saving solutions such as the Smart EGR.

For logistics operators wishing to run a ‘green’ fleet, the IVECO S-WAY Natural Power remains the only LNG truck offering a range of up to 1,600 km for long haul missions with 460 hp. With this vehicle, they will benefit from all the advantages of natural gas, the only immediately available low-emission alternative to diesel in the heavy segment, which delivers Particulate Matter emissions 99% lower than diesel, 90% less NO2 and, with biomethane, CO2 is 95% lower, near zero.

IVECO WAY Range: the “customer-centric” way
The IVECO WAY range, with its new name, signals the brand’s approach that fully exploits the possibilities offered by connectivity – a new way of being ‘customer centric’ by creating a set of solutions to support the customers every step of the way in their vehicle’s lifecycle and beyond. Its focus on the customer extends to the driver, by raising the bar on the quality of life on board. It introduces a new way of operating, where connectivity puts the driver, owner and IVECO on board the truck, working together to build the vehicle’s business case and ensure its profitability – as expressed by the range’s pay-off: IVECO. DRIVE THE NEW WAY.

The new IVECO WAY range is the culmination of a product innovation cycle that saw the introduction of the IVECO S-WAY’s predecessor with its 11% fuel efficiency reduction, the first true natural gas long-haul solution in the industry, and the X-WAY family for light off-road missions. It addresses the key trends driving the transport industry: a blurring of the lines separating the vehicle and the services around it, the advanced connectivity, the need to attract and keep highly skilled professional drivers, and increasingly demanding requirements in sustainability.

A milestone event for a ground-breaking launch
IVECO put the spotlight on the driver at the event with the IVECO Relay Race “Our History, your stories”, an initiative that followed long-haul drivers on a four-leg journey across Europe with stops at iconic CNH Industrial locations: they started at the CNH Industrial Village in Turin, Italy and stopped at the tractor plant in St Valentin, Austria, IVECO’s heavy-duty truck design and testing centre in Ulm, Germany, and the powertrain factory in Bourbon-Lancy, France, before reaching the final destination in Madrid, Spain. During their journey, the drivers provided testimonials of their experience of their IVECO vehicle on the road, which have been shared on social media and shown during the Convention.

The aim of this project is to highlight the daily challenges of long-distance truck drivers and the role that their truck plays in their life on the road. At each stop, the truck’s driver handed over the ‘baton’, a mystery box, to the driver for the following leg of the race. The journey culminated at the launch Convention with the arrival on stage of the driver of the last leg carrying the “Mystery Box”.
Gerrit Marx opened it to reveal its contents – the symbolic “S” of the IVECO S-WAY – launching the new vehicle’s reveal.

IVECO’s core value of Sustainability was reflected in the organisation of the event, as the brand took the opportunity to promote an important environmental message, raising awareness about the issue of plastic pollution in the ocean. All participants received a water bottle made of 100% recyclable PETG, with the encouragement to refill it at water coolers distributed throughout the event’s venues, helping to save the oceans.

In its commitment to corporate responsibility IVECO involved non-profit foundation Equoevento Spain, whose objective is to reduce food waste and help people in need, promoting a more effective use of resources and contributing to reducing the environmental impact caused by overproduction of food. The foundation collected all the leftover food, which was donated to nearby soup kitchens.