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Four PETRONAS Team De Rooy IVECO trucks among the best 20 in the ninth day of Dakar

​Although the gaps were small, Janus van Kasteren continues as the best driver for the team in tenth place, 13 minutes away from the lead. Llovera, Becx and Versteijnen, inside the Top 20.

Stage 9 of Dakar 2020 came to an end with 415 timed kilometers between Wadi Al-Dawasir and Haradh. The whole day was much longer, as they traveled 886 kilometers with liaison and neutralization sections, so drivers should have a good rest before tomorrow’s stage. The main objective for PETRONAS Team De Rooy IVECO was to reach the end of the stage with all four trucks. The dust was one of the main difficulties for the drivers who started in the mix with their rivals, in a stage that featured canyons, valleys and long straights.

Janus van Kasteren was convinced that he should protect the 7th place overall. With a good tenth position today, less than a quarter of an hour behind winner Karginov, he managed to keep his place in the general standings, three days away from the end. “We were like in a dust train. We were cautious, it was a difficult stage. There were also some long straights in which we topped 140 km/h. We enjoyed it and fulfilled our objective”, declared Van Kasteren.

Albert Llovera is one of the highglihted drivers in Dakar Rally 2020 and is heading towards his best position in the competition. Together with the PETRONAS Team De Rooy IVECO, the Andorran finished 15th, 23 minutes adrift. Llovera was visited yesterday by Fernando Alonso, Toyota driver, and it seems that he was powered to close a good special today.

Michiel Becx prepared himself in the best way to start tomorrow the marathon stage, in which no outside vehicles from the race can assist the ones inside the competition. Becx and Versteijnen, already out of the overall standings, will take spare parts that could be vital to repair the Powerstars from Van Kasteren and Versteijnen, in case of trouble.

Becx finished today in 17th, in front of 19th placed Versteijnen who had suspension issues. With Versteijnen out of overrall classification as he races the “Dakar Experience”, Becx closes the standings for PETRONAS Team De Rooy IVECO in 16th.

On Wednesday, all categories will face the marathon stage from Haradh to Shubaytah. 534 timed kilometers will form the Stage 10 of Dakar Rally 2020, coming closer to the end at Qiddiyah.


​1.​​Andrey Karginov
​2.​​Siarhei Viazovich(Maz)
​3.Eduard Nikolaev(Kamaz) +9m24s
4.Ales Loprais(Praga) +9m42s
​5.Gert Huzink
(Renault) +9m58s
​17. MICHIEL BECX (IVECO) +29m23s


​1.​​Andrey Karginov
​2.​​Anton Shibalov(Kamaz)
​3.Siarhei Viazovich(Maz) +1h08m36s
4. Ales Loprais (Praga)
5.Dmitry Sotnikov
(Kamaz) +2h49m29s
​13. ALBERT LLOVERA (IVECO) +8h00m30s
​16. MICHIEL BECX (IVECO) +11h56m40s