The Iveco Range: technical information (2)

New Trakker: efficiency and value even off-road

Among the novelties, Iveco presents the new Trakker at the Hanover vehicle show. The vehicle, in its world premiere, has been renewed in its cab and in the telematics devices inside it. Reliability, efficiency, robustness and safety, these are the characteristics that make the new Trakker the ideal solution for everyday use as well as the toughest challenges.

Iveco's quarry and construction site vehicle can operate on impracticable, uneven terrain, withstanding constant stress with an incredibly powerful performance. In order to face heavy work, in terms of productivity for the customer, Iveco has come up with the perfect work vehicle, from its design to its robustness and functionality. This is a vehicle that raises productivity beyond all imaginable limits, while offering the comfort of a road vehicle on construction-site and off-road missions.

Hi-Comfort & Ergonomics: the new cabs

The most important innovation was made to the cab, developed by borrowing from the solutions used in the heavy-duty road vehicles STRALIS, Hi-Street and Hi-Road. The new cab springs from the idea of enhancing driving comfort and time spent on board, factors already considered to be fundamental for productivity and safety.

Hi-Land is the short cab with low roof while Hi-Track is the long cab for missions that require the driver to spend the night on board and is available with either a low or a high roof. Entirely redesigned with mass-coloured top-quality plastics and anti-scratch treatments, the dashboard is highly ergonomic. All button and switch controls are easily visible and accessible while remaining perfectly seated.


The New Trakker is equipped with the Cursor engines which ensure power and endurance over time. The Trakker's Cursor engines - designed to guarantee excellent performance, low cost of ownership and superior driving comfort - are available in 8 or 13 litres and range from 310 to 500 HP. The Cursor 8, available in a 360 HP version with variable-geometry turbo, has displacement of 7,790 cm3 and in-line six-cylinder architecture, and meets EEV standards, which are even stricter than Euro V.

The Cursor 13 is ideal for the most demanding applications in the toughest environments and most adverse conditions, delivering high torque at low rpm for great drivability. The Cursor 13 is available in the 450- and 500- HP versions with variable-geometry turbo and in the 410-HP version with fixed-geometry turbo with a waste-gate. The New Trakker may also be equipped with an intarder to further reduce the consumption of friction material by the brakes.


The main feature of the new Trakker is its robustness. Starting with the steel chassis with a high yield limit, each individual component guarantees performance that endures over time. The ZF gearboxes available on the new Trakker are all about ergonomics and performance. For example, the manual 9-speed and 16-speed Ecosplit gearboxes are equipped with a servo-shift system for safer, more comfortable driving and the automatic 12-speed and 16-speed gearboxes with a gear selector built into the steering column stalk, which makes driving more comfortable.

Astra HD9 facing the international audience

The Astra brand is also under the spotlight with presentation in Hanover of the new version of the HD9, with the exhibition of the 8x4 84.44 model.

The characteristics of these versatile yet robust vehicles and the countless customization options make it possible to set up the in such a way as to satisfy any transportation and site requirement, in any part of the world, from the quarry to the construction sector, from special haulage to the Oil & Gas transportation sector. Today, with the new HD9 series, Astra is once again the leader on the world stage with an even more performing vehicle with a new cab.

The newly designed HD9 cab best encapsulates the confident, unique personality of Astra vehicles. The cab is built out of processed steel and has a new and aggressive design. The new grille layout, which is very visible thanks to its rounded lines, can open up entirely with the connected corner elements allowing easy access to the maintenance areas.

The interior, too, has been completely renovated in terms of functional elements and fittings and includes solutions that improve living and driving comfort. Access to the cab is made easier by the ideal spacing of the first two steps and the double vertical railing on both sides of the door, as well as the fact that the door itself opens up by more than 90°.

The entire kinematic chain is designed to handle the most challenging missions: thanks to the exceptional torque specifications at the different engine speeds, the 13 liter Cursor engines with electronically - controlled pump injectors and double overhead camshaft, guarantee the HD9 highly versatile on-road performance and exceptional braking power - essential features when operating on a construction site.

Astra also offers a wide range of choice of mechanical gearboxes from those with Ecosplit 4 technology (ZF with 16 speeds) to automated Astronic 16-speed gearboxes to Allison automatic gearboxes, for a maximum engine performance in terms of peak power and excellent traction on all types of terrain.

Depending on the load, the Astra offers the option of equipping its vehicles with front axles and motor axles bearing 8t, 8.5t, 9t loads and even offers a reinforced version with a load bearing capacity of 10t on 6x6 motorized axle models, designed for particularly tough applications, on shifty terrain such as sand or mud; or with special set ups with loads concentrated on the front axle such as tow systems, cranes or boring structures.

The real strong point of the Astra vehicles is its chassis, built out of special steel with the highest level of resistance and high elasticity, thanks to the two flat beams running parallel to each other for the entire length with a C section (320 x 90 x 10mm) and joined to each other by crosspieces. With the highest Rail Bending Moment (R.B.M.) compared to competitors' vehicles, Astra's chassis is renowned for its ability to transport heavy loads on any terrain conditions, reducing torsion stress and ensuring great stability even with very high centers of gravity.


Daily: the light vehicle suitable for every kind of work

Powerful, environmentally friendly and reliable, the Daily showcases all its features at Hanover: light and versatile so as to meet the transport demands of any professional.

Its truck-style chassis frame, rear-wheel drive, direct injection turbocharged diesel engine, 4x4 version, intercooler, natural-gas engines, up to 17.2 m3 of loading space volume and 210 cm internal height, common rail fuel injection, six-speed transmissions and seven tons maximum permitted mass. In brief, these are the strengths that summarise the history of an undisputed star in the light-duty commercial vehicle market.

The Daily offers the world’s most innovative engines in the world of commercial transport: the most powerful diesel engine in its segment, the Euro 5, 3-litre Twin Turbo, rated at 205 HP (150 kW) with a maximum torque of 470 Nm; the new Euro 5, 2.3-litre diesel engine at 146 HP (107 kW) with a torque of 350 Nm, with a new variable-geometry turbocharger and the exclusive Multijet II fuel-injection technology, optimised to provide maximum operating efficiency; a new EEV version of the 3-litre diesel engine, rated at 146 HP and 370 Nm with a variable-geometry turbocharger completes the new engine range, offering tailpipe emissions of particulate matter well below the levels required by the homologation standards.

The range also features the Natural Power Bi-fuel version, powered by the super-ecological EEV engine and optimised to run on natural gas, with a small gasoline tank for use in case of emergency. It includes the zero-emission Daily electric as well, designed, produced and sold directly by Iveco.

But that’s not all, because, as well as enjoying the benefits of these new engines, the driver can improve and optimise his driving style with new technologies like the Stop & Start functionality and the GSI (Gear Shift Indicator) system, enabling the driver to better manage his way of driving. Together with the new six-speed transmission offered with 2.3-litre diesel engines, these functions reduce fuel consumption, and consequently, CO2 emissions of up to 10% compared with the previous model.

Iveco has always distinguished itself for its attention to road safety. The new Daily sees the introduction of the latest generation ESP 9 system, featuring active sensors, including ABS, EBD, ASR (traction control), MSR (over-run torque limitation), Hill Holder (electronic system for starting the car while uphill), LAC (Active load control), as well as new features such as the HFC (Hydraulic brake fade control), RMI (Roll movement intervention), ROM (Roll over mitigation) and TSM (Selective braking enhancing vehicle and trailer dynamic stability). This guarantees that the vehicle can be driven as safely as possible.


Eurocargo: an ideal solution for any challenge

In a constantly evolving work world, one has to be able to adapt with maximum versatility in order to stay competitive. With Eurocargo Iveco offers its clients a vehicle that comes in a myriad of different combinations, thanks to the numerous variants in the range and the option to choose your

own suspensions, axles and final drive ratios most suited to the specific mission. It has the richest and most versatile range in its category, with 14 variants of gross vehicle weight (from 6 to 19 t), seven horsepower categories (from 140 to 300 HP), 13 gears (seven manual, three automated and three automatic), 4x2 and 4x4 drive, 13 wheel bases (from 2,790 to 6,570 mm) and three types of cabs with two roof heights. The options in the range vary from bodies to tarpaulins, from isothermal trucks to three-sided tippers, from cisterns to shops on wheels, from loading platforms to aerial platforms to fire-fighting fittings and even down to small concrete mixers and road sweepers.

Eurocargo’s flexibility and robust structure is enhanced even more in the Tector engine range. The secret of Eurocargo’s Tector engines is their elasticity; the torque values, which are high and constant for a broad range of revolutions, guarantee smooth driving, fewer gears, less wear on the engine and greater energy efficiency. All Eurocargo engines are also EEV (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicles) approved.

Eurocargo is also available specifically powered by methane, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), with gross vehicle weight from 11 to 16 t and a six-cylinder engine with 200 HP.

The vehicle has proven itself to be ideal for driving in the city, where it manoeuvres incredibly well, and also on mixed routes and motorways. Also from  the standpoint of traveller, driver and pedestrian safety as well as from that of the load transported and the investment value, the vehicle delivers top performance.

The vehicle is available with three different types of cab: short (MLC), ideal for distribution and short routes; long with a low or high roof (MLL) for long hauls and sleeping on board; double (MLD) for six people plus the driver.


Passenger transportation: from minibuses to luxury buses


Iveco has always been true to its mission as a builder sensitive to the issues of ever more sustainable, functional and ecological mobility. The company is one of the main distributors of hybrid vehicles in Europe, and with the hybrid vehicle ranges Citelis and Access’Bus GX in the 12- and 18-metre versions, it is able to offer efficient vehicles in terms of comfort, energy savings and emissions reduction. The environmental impact is highly satisfying; with the hybrid system the average reduction in fossil-fuel consumption and CO2 emissions ranges from 25 to 35%.

Lowering CO2 emissions by 35% translates into approximately 500 grams less of CO2 per km. Considering an annual distance travelled of 50,000 km (which is the average value for a bus), it is possible to cut approximately 25 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.

At Iveco’s stand in Hanover, there will also be vehicles from the passenger transportation range. Demonstrating the complete offering provided by Iveco, which spans from minibuses to Gran Turismo buses, the company shows the new Daily Minibus and the Magelys Pro.

The Daily Minibus range includes more than one hundred configurations for the transport of up to 30 passengers in five different versions and may be used for various missions, from urban to scholastic transportation to tourism. Well-being on board is a top priority for the Daily Minibus. The large side window ensures that the vehicle is extremely well-lit and offers a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. The ergonomic driver station is even more improved and includes the features of the new model.

The standard outfitting includes ABS (Antilock Braking System), ASR (Acceleration Slip Regulation), ESP (Electronic Stability Program), Hill Holder (electronic system for starting the car while uphill) and fog-lights with Fog Cornering function. These systems make the new Daily minibus one of the safest vehicles in its category. In addition, an airbag for the driver, speed limiter and an electric brake may be added to the vehicle.

The joy of driving and respecting the environment are the main characteristics of the FPT Industrial three-litre engine. Available in two diesel EEV versions (146 HP or 170 HP) and one CNG version (136 HP), the engine is characterised by a maximum torque of 400 Nm at 1,250 revolutions/min (for the 170 HP engine), low emissions levels, reduced fuel consumption, as well as power and high elasticity.

To complete the picture for this sector, a Magelys Pro is on display, a new version of a family of vehicles that in recent years has earned a leading position in the highly specialised segment of Gran Turismo buses. With top performance, optimised fuel consumption, low environmental impact, long-lasting reliability, and above all, outstanding driver and passenger comfort, it possesses winning characteristics that have hit the mark when it comes to customer expectations.

The Magelys Pro range is available in 12.2 and 12.8 m versions with flatbed height HD. The Magelys Pro has a one-piece rigid steel body that has undergone cataphoretic treatment against corrosion and also exploits the most advanced technologies to aid the driver in his daily tasks. Braking has been improved with the electronic EBS system, the ESP system that regulates vehicle stability, and ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), available as an option, which ensures that distance from the vehicle ahead remains constant.

The choice of a tested and proven kinematic chain in the Cursor 10 engine, Euro V, of 380 or 450 HP, paired with six-speed mechanical gearboxes or 12-speed robotic gearboxes, guarantees the reliability of this vehicle made to last over time.