New Stralis XP

​The long-haul TCO2 Champion

The New Stralis 480XP and 570XP have been developed for extra-long haul missions. They bristle with new fuel-saving features and cutting-edge technologies such as the innovative Smart EGR, and come with new services designed to ensure maximum uptime, providing a real opportunity for long-distance haulage businesses looking for maximum fuel savings and the lowest TCO – a segment that accounts for 60% of the industry.

The New Stralis XP is the most reliable and fuel efficient truck available on the market and provides the most comprehensive solution for long-haul transport in a package that integrates product and services designed to reduce TCO and CO2.

With fuel savings of up to 11% and an impressive TCO reduction of up to 5.6% in long-distance transport operations, it is the long haulage TCO2 Champion.