Versatility and strength on tap

Building on its natural strength, reliability and durability coming from its chassis frame, Daily 2009 will be available with a maximum permitted mass of a full 7.0 tonnes from the second quarter of 2010, providing an increase in payload of 470kg compared to the 6.5t versions, providing over 4700kg of body and payload capacity for chassis cab variants, more than many medium range trucks, a further demonstration of Daily’s truck style heritage.
Operational efficiency with van versions is enhanced by optional rear door hinge arrangements that are designed to allow operators to select the arrangement according to the vehicle’s mission. With the standard 180° arrangement including 90° checked opening, carried over from current Daily, Daily 2009 offers in addition a new 270° door opening option with automatic door stops at 90°, 180° and 270° without checks straps making the doors exceedingly user friendly.
Body mounting is further enhanced with the inclusion of the optional electronic expansion module that provides the essential interface with the vehicle’s CAN interface. Out-put includes power take off control, light switching, engine starting isolation and anti-theft alarm.
In addition, drive-away factory fitted open top body options are available with Daily 2009 chassis cab variants. Platform widths of 2140mm for 29L to 50C models and 2300mm for 65C and 70C ECODAILY models are available and the bodies include folding steps to assist access to the body, ergonomic vertical side and tail board opening handles and load securing fixings.
With the natural operating barrier for ‘B’ category driving licence holders, payload can be all important and to this end the spare wheel and spare wheel carrier are no longer offered as standard equipment with Daily 2009 models up to 3.5t. In its place is the tyre repair kit comprising a tyre inflation compressor, powered by the vehicle’s battery, and a sealing solution able to repair punctures permanently up to 6mm in size without further damage to the tyre. The repair kit is housed in a purpose designed case securely mounted on the cab floor adjacent to the driver’s seat. The spare wheel and carrier are optionally available for these models according to specific customer needs. For models above 3.5t, the spare wheel with carrier remains as standard equipment with the tyre repair kit optionally available.