Services made to measure for ECODAILY

Versatility and strength are elements that differentiate not only new vehicles but also the services offered by Iveco Customer Service.
Whoever travels on roads professionally knows very well and recognises how indispensable it is to be able to count on the speed of response and competence of a network of trained technicians. For this, Iveco promises the best in roadside assistance, 24 hours in 24, 365 days of the year with a single toll-free telephone number (0080048326000), available throughout Europe. Iveco makes available its network of support and intervention of technicians and professionals from more than 2300 dealers and official service centres, technically competent and able to give the maximum for every situation and occasion.
Also, thanks to 100% genuine spare parts, Iveco is able to maintain the performance and reliability of ECODAILY at its peak, ensuring always the correct part without compromise, ensuring the professional vehicle always meets the needs of the transport professional.
In addition, ECODAILY benefits from the benefits of the Daily Chrono Service, an opportunity to have a ‘fast track’ access to service and essential maintenance without appointment. In only one hour, normal maintenance services will be carried out with the guarantee always of the use of 10% genuine Iveco spare parts.
These design and innovative technological characteristics, comfort and safety integrate perfectly with the new accessories, available through the Iveco Shop, developed specifically for ECODAILY. A product line at the height of vehicle performance under all aspects of use, satisfying both visual and practical needs, of safety and technology.
For ECODAILY, the Iveco shop proposes two packages of products focussed on safety and comfort.
Comfort pack:
• ECOPURE: cab air filter using activated carbon to provide for pure, clean air in the driver’s cab.
• AVIC-F900BT: Pioneer multi-media (navigator and radio) state of the art design and compatible with all portable devices, from cell ‘phones to the iPod.
• DEH-2100UB: engaging radio design compatible with USB data store, enabling constant supply of personalised music, always and everywhere.
Safety Pack:
• DIABLOCK: innovative secure locking device for van doors eliminating the use of unsightly and ineffective pad locks.
• FLATE BLADE: window cleaner Flate Blade, able to combine innovation with style and advanced technology.
• SALVADAILY: parking sensors integrated aesthetically into the vehicle design allowing parking into the smallest of spaces without vehicle damage.