Respect: ecology and value of the brand

Beyond its clear strength, making Daily a robust vehicle, the characteristic at the soul of the vehicle is it’s respect: respect for the driver and for the transport operator, that is providing reliability and productivity but, above all, respect for the environment, to be more precise, a vehicle that has a strong ecological vocation
Productivity comes from a power-train of excellence; Daily retains its inner strength and values that belong to its actual tradition, offering a still more robust aspect belonging to lager trucks in a way to offer the maximum flexibility and versatility in urban applications, state of the art technology and innovative design initiatives, made without compromise.
Low operating costs, ruggedness and reliability therefore make Daily a vehicle absolutely respectful to all professionals in the sector.
The front wheels carry load and steer, giving Daily a best in class turning circle, essential for manoeuvrability, an important aspect for productivity. The rear wheels carry load and provide traction giving Daily excellent traction under all conditions, especially starting from rest in hilly country.
With its truck style ladder frame, reliability is ensured. Body mounting on chassis cab or chassis cowl models is made very simple because the entire chassis is capable of bearing imposed loads, whether for goods or passenger transport. Such is the reliability of the chassis design that Daily 2009 sees its maximum permitted mass increased to an unequalled 7.0 tonnes – an example of Daily’s natural strength.
But, a fundamental aspect of Daily is respect for the driver. Daily’s normal control driver’s cab gives a car like driving environment which, for professional or regular drivers, is recognised in providing outstanding comfort to the driver and passengers. Relaxed, stress-free drivers are safe drivers.
Respect for the environment is a byword for Daily. Engines from FPT always going one step beyond. TurboDaily sporting the first ‘mini’ direct injection turbocharged Diesel engine getting large engine performance from a small capacity engine. In addition, providing excess air to the engine aids combustion to reduce tail-pipe emissions, a benefit first employed by Daily. Natural gas engines using a stoichiometric combustion technology with a three way catalyst to achieve tail-pipe exhaust emissions way below any European regulation; FPT was the first manufacturer to homologate its natural gas engines to the EEV standard even though the emission levels are nearer to the future Euro VI levels than any existing standard.
This trend is continued with ECODAILY; applying to the new two-stage turbo-charged FPT 3.0 litre Diesel engine to achieve EEV compliance as standard and the CNG versions, including the new Natural Power version. So the environmentally enhanced Daily becomes ECODAILY, truly vaunting its credentials.
Furthermore, end of life recycling is a legal requirement for cars and light commercial vehicles up to 3.5t with current regulations requiring a minimum of 85% of its mass recyclable. Daily is already certified to be over 90% recyclable, well in preparation for the new requirement which will enter into force during 2015.