Natural evolution

Emblem of structural strength, carrying capability, performance and reliability, all characteristics that make up its DNA, ECODAILY is the result of a natural evolution that combines the mix of technology, strength and quality that has decreed its success with transport professionals, to the modern characteristics of a robust and reliable working vehicle, but also intelligent and sensitive to the ever more demanding needs of sustainable transport.
Since its initial launch in 1978, Daily has led the way with product evolution, paving the way for its competitors to follow. A notable first was its turbocharged engine bringing fuel efficiency with car like performance, then with an intercooler and then common rail fuel injection, natural gas versions, van with 17 m3 volume and 210 cm internal height, 6 speed transmission: always anticipating the market, leading the way for the competition. Iveco Daily maintains these characteristics also in 2009, evolving yet remaining true to itself and offering once more, solid solutions to the new and ever present needs of transport professionals, with innovations to ensure it remains the light truck of choice in the market place.
Daily has been designed from the start with the professional user in mind. With its separate chassis, Daily is extremely rugged, responding with ease to users demands.
With rear wheel drive, excellent traction is guaranteed as is outstanding manoeuvrability by virtue of front wheel steering angles that cannot be achieved with front wheel drive configurations. With its longitudinal engine layout, a car like driving position provides stress free comfort for the driver and passengers.
A variant for every mission with a wide range of van configurations – up to 17 m3 of loading volume. Chassis cabs and cowls with a truck like chassis making body mounting a simple yet flexible operation resulting in reduced body builder costs and reliable in everyday operation. Comprising van, chassis cab and minibus versions Daily is confirmed the commercial vehicle of most adaptable to every operational need, for every mission and body building application. Even down to the stripped chassis cowl, providing the base for every body building need, Daily provides the excellent starting point to achieve a personalised vehicle specification, at a sensible finished cost. These are the principal aspects that make Daily the vehicle of choice for professional transport operators.