Natural strenght

Economy and Ecology are the key words for ECODAILY that becomes part of Iveco’s product range to help to overcome the challenges faced by all businesses with ideal solutions by nature. Champion of force and elasticity (with a constant maximum torque from very low engine speeds), ECODAILY is a concrete response to industry’s needs, using technological innovation in its quest for sustainable mobility without renouncing its performance reliability and its strength. These are the values that Daily confirms in the shape of its natural strength of which its provides at the disposal of the driver in its daily work and its respect for the environment, really like a reliable colleague with whom one shares the working day. All this with Daily which is now launched to the market, adding value, confirming its aptitude in its design and to the continuous research essential to keep Daily at the peak of modernity, highly evolved and intelligent.
The Daily brand, epitomised by its rugged construction, its carrying capacity, its performance and reliability all add up to its DNA, inherited from birth. An industry ‘Popeye the sailor’, associated with his green spinach and the strength of 10 men. This is the Daily version for 2009, the result of a natural evolution to bring a modern design with natural intelligence to confront extraordinary work duty-cycles with a positive edge.
With its range of versions, unequalled in its category, Daily offers, besides the maximum in productivity and versatility with specific preparations for every transport need (van, chassis cab, double cab, minibus, semi-windowed van), with gross masses from 2.8t to 7.0t, van load capacities from 7 to 17 , a vast range of engine power ratings, wheelbase, overall length, internal height and axle ratios.