ECODaily on the Internet

Iveco brings innovation also to the internet with a renewed web-site in content and functionality. The new site, where Popeye brings the story to communication; using games and interactivity. This is translated into many new pages dedicated to the new product, other than just the normal descriptive pages, the site features interactive animations that accompany the user in discovering the new Daily product range.
Also on the web site, the customer is, as is usual for Iveco, the centre of attention: one can even contact the company directly from the site in order to organise a visit to a local dealer. It will also be possible to share every single hypertext message with the major social world media in order to maximise the diffusion of the message.
Gaining strength from the experience with rugbyradio, launched more than one year ago, Iveco know presents DailyRadio, that may be listened to directly on-line on Like other web radio stations it is reached either from the web site or by means of a special reader that can be down loaded onto a pc. Music, sport, news, useful to whoever travels, a web radio therefore focussed on professional transport people, at work at the wheel.