Comfort and safety

The heart of ECODAILY are its values such as design, modernity, evolution and intelligence that translate to a project that, since its birth, reflect optimum safety, handling and quality of life on board for transport professionals.
The vehicle has been designed and constructed keeping account of the needs and the new necessities relating to transport mobility for transport professionals. For this reason, new ‘intelligent’ solutions have been adopted that assure an increased ‘assistance to the driver, satisfying a new dimension for commercial vehicles, adding up to the pleasure to ‘be’ on-board in its broadest sense.
One important solution in this category is the automated mechanical transmission, AGile, allowing fully automated or driver controlled gear shifting. New control software further improves this already appreciated facility; starting from rest and also allows driver initiated down-shifting for maximising engine brake performance and anticipating traffic conditions without exiting from fully automatic mode
Entering the driver’s cab, the material choice and colour of the interior is almost welcoming the driver and passengers to work. The dashboard finished in dark grey with a central silver area and the light grey roof trim, which is replicated in two tone light and dark grey seat covering material, gives ECODAILY an extremely refreshing internal appearance. Comfort and convenience for the driver is a byword with seating arrangements for the driver and passenger(s), including a choice of seat belt configuration for passengers with the dual passenger seat.
Comfort and functionality characterise the new instrument cluster provided which includes economic engine speed green-band marking on the rev counter and a new fuel gauge for Natural Power versions of ECODAILY. Natural gas content in the CNG tanks is reported on the normal analogue display with capacity of the 14 litre petrol tank reported by a digital light arrangement included in the gauge which provides petrol tank contents every time the engine is started. New car like steering column controls with improved visibility feature a separate cruise control switch.
All important document and object storage within the cab is exceptional. The optionally available storage box with a very useful 6 litre capacity positioned beneath the dual passenger seat adding large capacity door and dashboard compartments and the overhead storage compartment.
ECODAILY is a vehicle that guarantees complete control under all road conditions, an amplified driving facility and the maximum adhesion between the tyres and the road. As a whole, the solutions adopted, summing to more than the individual components, characterise Daily as one of the safest commercial vehicles in its class. Safety is immediately felt by the high level of innovative technological applications present by which accident avoidance provides for the safety of those on-board by class leading control of the vehicle’s dynamic stability.
Societal responsibility is key with Daily 2009, not only in terms of its ecological qualities but also in terms of road safety and hence respect for other road users. Daily 2009 brings ESP to the market as standard equipment on all models. This state of the art safety package ensures stability on the road, keeping Daily and its cargo, whether goods or passengers, on the right line. The ESP package starts from ABS, ensuring directional stability under braking, ASR (anti slip regulation), an important feature especially when reversing up a loading ramp in wet conditions, HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assist) ensuring optimised braking under emergency conditions and Hill Holder, providing assistance to the driver in starting from rest up an incline without rolling back. The value-added function LAC (Load Adaptive Control) identifies changes in the vehicle mass and centre of gravity along the longitudinal axis of the vehicle and adapts the interventions of the safety systems ABS, TCS and ESP to the vehicle load. In this way, LAC optimizes braking effectiveness, traction and stability. In addition, it reduces the risk of roll over via the improved utilization of Roll Over Mitigation and minimizes brake-pad wear by optimizing the distribution of braking forces.