Brand values

Campagnola is designed to reflect the fundamental values of Iveco excellence: determination, reliability, performance and team spirit. These values are shared by the New Zealand rugby squad, the All Blacks, that have won more matches than any other team in history. The same team spirit serves as inspiration for Massif and Campagnola: it means working alongside clients for the entire vehicle’s life, starting with the product development phase, through work of specialist engineers and Iveco R&D centres which involve clients from the planning stage and then during the purchase, with the help of professionals ready to offer technical assistance and financial solutions to cater for every necessity. The same high service is offered to clients during vehicle activity, with a call centre open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and a efficient and widespread network (more than 4,600 specialist centres in 100 countries).
Iveco – the complete range of all-wheel-drive vehicles
The Iveco Campagnola is one of the Massif passenger-carrying models, forming part of a small but important niche in the market for all-wheel-drive work vehicles. Massif is produced with conjunction with the Spanish manufacturer Santana, whose original vehicle has been completely redesigned by Iveco experts with considerable use of technology and solutions derived from the Daily. The fruit of this profound re-engineering is a vehicle suitable for genuine ‘off-road truck’ missions. Iveco’s authority in the 4x4 sector extends to the entire range of commercial vehicles, from light to heavy models – Daily, Eurocargo and Trakker, not to mention the Iveco Astra range and the advanced technology products developed by the Iveco defence division – providing an appropriate response to all types of mission and all work conditions. These all-wheel-drive vehicles are remarkably sturdy, ideal to transport people and equipment wherever they are needed, often in emergency conditions. The reliability of these vehicles is second to none in extreme as well as normal conditions. The numerous demands of the off-road have no negative impact on driver comfort which remains as enjoyable as it would imagine to be.

Front and rear drive axles
Drive axles are positioned at the front and rear of the vehicle with a final drive ratio of 3,909:1. The final drive gearing used on the front axle is helicoidal while that on the rear axle is a hypoid gear set to provide improved ground clearance for the centrally-mounted differential housing.

Wheels and tyres
235/85R16 tyres suitable for all surfaces are included in the base vehicle specification with the choice of specific off-road tyres mountable on the standard steel rims or on optional aluminium rims. 

Technical specifications




3-door SW


Wheelbase (mm)



Overall length (mm)



Overall width (mm)


Overall height (mm)


Approach angle


Ramp angle


Departure angle




Side slope


Fording depth (mm)


Maximum mass (kg)


Tare (kg)



Gross vehicle mass (kg)



Engine characteristics


3.0 HPT

Rated power (kw / hp)

130 / 176

Engine speed at max. power (rpm)

3200 – 3500

Max. torque (Nm)


Engine speed at max. torque (rpm)

1250 - 3000

Co2  emissions (g/km)


Fuel consumption (l/km)