Blue&Me, the intelligence of ECODaily

The Blue&Me hands-free system resulting from an important collaboration between Fiat and Microsoft, optionally available with Daily 2009, uses exclusive universal voice-recognition technology: regardless of who is speaking, the system does not need time to learn the voice. After pairing a Bluetooth mobile phone with the system, which only needs to done once, and by downloading the mobile ‘phone’s phonebook, phone calls can be made and received simply by speaking: all the commands can be given without taking hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.
Up to 5 different mobile phones can be paired with the system making Blue & Me ideal for business use. A number can be dialled by dictating the number, digit by digit, or simply by saying the name of the person to call, provided they are in the phone’s phonebook. Alternatively, the steering wheel controls can be used to scroll through the phone book on the display on the instrument panel.
Blue & Me Fleet, Iveco’s fleet management telematics package realised in partnership with Qualcomm Enterprise Services, a leader in integrated wireless systems and services . Integration with the vehicles CAN-BUS network and the precise GPS (Global Positioning System) provides highly accurate information to be accessed by the operator using Qualcomm’s internet based FleetVisor™ web portal. Real-time information on fuel consumption, distance travelled, road speed, engine usage and driver identity data are available as is the highly praised feature allowing remote downloading of the digital tachograph data, obviating the need for the vehicle to be physically available for this legally required procedure. Once more a safety and environmental care feature.