The APAC market currently includes two CKD CUSTOMERS of which Russia and KAZAKHSTAN; in CHINA APAC region  owns two plants that sends CKD kit to customers EMEA and APAC and LATAM eventually.

In Russia there is the factory of the IVECO AMT company located in the city of Miass (Chelyabinsk Oblast) that is located 96 km from the Chelyabinsk city (south of the Ural mountains).
The company assembles IVECO vehicles of heavy ranges (on Road (Stralis model) and off-road (TRAKKER) with three and four axles) and Medium Range (Eurocargo 4x4 and 4x2 and Natural Gas / CNG)
This company was founded in 1994 as "Iveco-Uralaz» Ltd. In 2009, thanks to a change in ownership which Iveco holds corporate shares has become "IVECO-АМТ" Ltd.
The symbol 'АМТ "means" Automobile/Miass/Torino "; Today IVECO-AMT Ltd. is one of the pioneering companies in the automotive sector of Russia with the technologically advanced facilities.
PLANT of the IVECO-AMT Ltd. company includes:
Vehicle Assembling area (9500 square meters) more 'another CABS assembly area and finishing (12,096 sq.m) created in 2011; there is also an PAINTING area that it comprises coating and Cataphoresis treatment.

The other company is the “SAP(SaryarkaAvtoProm)” in  KAZAKHSTAN; it is present in the city of Kostanay in northern Kazakhstan where they are assembled vehicles of Heavy range (STRALIS and Genlyon 682) and Light (PowerDaily and DAILY MY2014) range.
IVECO began collaborating in 2012 with "SaryarkaAvtoProm"In Kostanay for the production of commercial vehicles.Already in 2013 we were sold 592 vehicles in the region of Kostanay.
Also in 2013 IVECO has expanded its partnership with "SaryarkaAvtoProm".
In 2016, in addition to the assembly of vehicles "Iveco PowerDaily" (minibus) and "Iveco 682" (truck), the product range will be expanded with the production of TRAKKER and STRALIS models.